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Building: The Nose Knows Mining Company

Submitted by: Vijay Barreto;

Type of Building: One story stone

Business Conducted: Offices and administrative duties of mining operation

Owner: Drulipar Copperthumbs

Number and Type of Employees:
Kalamir (hm, 0 lvl, clerk)
2 Guards (hm,0 lvl)

This is an unremarkable small stone building with just one story and a basement. A strong oak door bars entrance into the building, and only has two small windows with bars and shutters.

The sturdy door opens to a small room with a large wooden desk facing the entryway. Behind the desk sits a thin young man, who is always scratching away into a ledger. He will look up when visitors enter and ask about their business, but will not get up or stop writing. He is always busy and does not like to be interrupted. His job is to keep the mining company's books and make appointments for those who wish to speak with Drulipar. A few days wait before a meeting is standard unless the visitor is a valued customer, then they are informed that Drulipar may be found at the mine (outside of the city), or in the park playing with the children. If an appointment is made, Drulipar will reluctantly come to the office to keep it, although he might be late. Kalamir was hired by Drulipar's partner and does not like Drulipar, nor does Drulipar like him. They try and avoid each other as much as possible.

Behind another sturdy door is a hallway with one door on either side. These are the offices of Drulipar and Artesto. Both men are rarely found here. At the end of the hall is a spiral staircase to the basement. In the basement is a small lounge used as a lunchroom, a storage room and a water closet. The storage room has a strong box where all the contracts and account books are kept. Two guards patrol the entire building. All locks in the building are of excellent quality and there are strong magical protections spread throughout (Glyphs of Warding cast at 7th level).

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