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Submitted by: Hugo Lynch

Name of building: From Nature to Nature

Type of building: Leatherworking shop

Business conducted in the building: Leatherworking, and arrangements to obtain rare plants from the Druids of the Sharp Teeth.

Owner: Samael Millson

Number and Types of employees: 2, Samael's two nephews, working as apprentices.

Description of building:

It is a two story building made of cut stone. The front and only door is made of oak and above it there is a wooden sign: From Nature to Nature. The building is not highly decorated. In the right corner of the first floor, a small tree has managed to work its way through the wooden floor and is now object of a common neighborhood joke about the nature-loving owners. The bottom floor is not divided except for a curtain on the left that blocks access to the stairs. The second floor contains Samael's private apartments.

Description of business:

Samael is an agent of the druidic circle of the Wood of Sharp Teeth. He was chosen by his circle because of his skill with dealing with humans (due to the circle's animal orientation). As noted in his character description, he has a magical item that returns old pelts to a rejuvenated state. He specializes in deer leather and wolf pelts, since these animals overpopulate the nearby forest. He also can obtain and sell herbs from the Wood, but only small amounts. He requires a ride's notice to obtain any common to rare plants. He is also a contact for the druids and rangers of the Sharp Teeth.

Samael is trying to convince Thorne Lyonspur, the Scale of Tyr, to codify a set of laws and quotas. He wants these laws to protect the creatures of the forest from over-harvesting.

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