Name: Myra (hf, CG, 4th lvl Dawnlord of Lathander, House of Dawn)

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Myra is the adventurer of the House of Dawn. She is always joining or returning from a quest. A bit talkative, she brings the excitement of travel to those around her who are unable to go out on their own. She and Daelydia are very good friends. Daelydia enjoys the talks they share but fears Myra's enthusiasm will be shattered or that she may fall to the many dangers she faces.

Myra's bright eyes and burnished bronze hair make up for her too wide mouth. She is lean and keeps herself fit and trim. She loves to explore and have new experiences. Adventuring not only gives her these things but she has also discovered a talent for noticing small details. Geena believes Myra's place is probably outside the temple as a sort of missionary. Myra has traveled to the coast and other areas of the Western Heartlands. She doesn't enjoy the city much and can't understand how the other priests can stand to be within it, constantly. It's just too crowded for her to absorb it all. Daelydia has attempted to keep her from risking her life in adventuring by asking her to look into problems that have plagued the citizens of Arylon. This has led her to a second life as an amatuer sleuth where her attention to detail has been invaluable.

Most of the mysteries she has solved have been outside the wall. For instance, once she discovered who had poisoned all the wells in a nearby settlement. Another time, she discovered two dead bodies floating in the river. She was the one who investigated who they were, where they came from, and why they ended up in the river. She sees Lathander as bringing light to darkness so she tries to shed the light of knowledge on any mystery. She is one of those people who notices small things. The mysteries she has solved could have been solved by anyone if they had paid more attention to details. She still enjoys adventuring but has gained more confidence in herself from dabbling in the mysteries.

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