Name of building: Moradin's Forge

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Type of building: Forge and Apartment

Business conducted in the building: Weapon-Smithy and metal armor work. General smithy work done when times are slow.

Owner: Farak Law Wielder

Number and Types of employees:
Farak Law Wielder - Owner - Shield Dwarf - 4th level fighter
Thraim - Apprentice Smith - Shield Dwarf - 1st level fighter

Description of building:

The building itself is 50' X 20', with a workshop attached on the ground floor measuring 20'X20'. The business is located in the 'Dwarven Quarter' of Trade Ward. The 'Dwarven Quarter' does not officially exist on any map, nor is it an official designation. It is however an area where most of the Dwarven citizens of Arylon tend to live, pulled together by the Dwarven sense of community. The area could almost be qualified as a Hearth.

Farak Law Wielder is the youngest of the Law Wielder brothers. He owns the building and lives there with his two older brothers and their apprentices. The apartments consist of a large common area on the ground floor with direct access to the forge. The upper floor contains the private rooms of the brothers and their apprentices.

The smithy contains the forge and tools required for metalworking needed by a Smith. The Forge area is laid out in the same fashion as temples dedicated to Moradin. Farak treats it as such and makes every effort to make sure the forge always burns. Those who know him aren't sure if he would tear down the smithy and relocate it if the forge was ever extinguished, the same as any other temple to Moradin. Farak even had the smithy consecrated by a priest of Moradin before building it. There have even been rumors that the forge has been used as an alternate temple site when one was needed in an emergency.

Description of business:

The business produces fine weapons and metal armor 30% quicker than other weapon-smiths, at only 10% more cost than ordinary book prices. Farak often takes on commission work, often work that is intended to be of suitable quality to be magically enchanted by a wizard.

Any commissioned work undertaken by Farak falls under his careful scrutiny, and superstitious nature. Any piece of work that breaks while he is making it is discarded. He then breaks the commission, refusing to do the work at all, and refunds the deposit, claiming it to be one of Moradin's Omens.

Farak holds Dwarvenkind close to his heart and will almost invariably sell his wares to Dwarves at half price. The exceptions are those Dwarves who are considered outcasts in the eyes of Moradin (Duergar Dwarves) and those with a reputation of acting in a generally dishonorable fashion for Dwarves.

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