Name of business: Arylon Mineral Rights Registry Office (AMRRO)

Submitted by:

Business conducted in the building: Assay Office

Owner: Hardin

Number and Types of employees: Land Assayer and Surveyor

Description of business:

The AMRRO is a private office used by any who wish to register any mineral rights claims around the city. The office's records are used to settle any disputes that may arise from any disagreements from parties who claim to have valid ownership of rights to the land in question.

Prospectors who have found some precious metals or gems they wish to mine must register at the AMRRO to ensure their claim will be valid. The only rule for registering a claim is that the first person to lay claim to a parcel of land owns the rights. After several years of operation the office has started keeping track of farm settlements as well, after similar disagreements started cropping up over fence lines. It is also of note that the mineral rights to a parcel of land does not necessarily imbue land rights to that parcel and visa versa. Where this occurs the individual registering the mineral rights must make arrangements with the land owner to work the minerals unless the minerals can be mined from access from other properties owned by the holder of the mineral rights, for example, deep mining using shafts.

The layout of the office is unusual for the building in that the owner does not live in the apartment above the office, instead that space has been set aside for claim records, where shelves full of scrolls fill the room. The lower level has more shelves with scrolls and maps, surveyor equipment and a table for spreading maps out on.

The cost to register a land/ mineral claim is 50gp, the cost to search for mineral claims is 5gp per claim. When a land or mineral claim is received, Hardin must go out and document the parcel of the claim to ensure that there will be no disputes in the future.

The AMRRO has been approached to start keeping these same records for properties inside Arylon proper, but Hardin has not yet decided whether he should or not. It would require more office space and an assistant, although he has not ruled the possibility out of taking on the role of the city's official cartographer.


Name: Hardin (Shield Dwarf, Male, Age 55, 3' 11", 130lbs., 5, Thief/Assayer, N)

Stats: Str: 13; Dex: 16; Con: 12; Cha: 13; Int: 16; Wis: 13
HP: 26
Wealth: 15000gp
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Thieves Cant
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Appraising, Gem Cutting, Local History
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Dart, Short Sword
Thief Skills: PP: 15%; OL: 70%; FRT: 75%; MS: 10%; HS: 15%; DN: 25%; CW: 75%; RL: 60%


Hardin runs the local assay office. Unlike the other tenants in the building his office is located in, he doesn't live upstairs but on the fifth floor of the Diamond Towers East. Hardin doesn't owe anything to Thorgar Goldenhorde, and tends to look out for himself. His home and office are filled with the rare antiquities he collects. He spends over half of his days out in the field laying out survey lines for the people who need his services. Many times he will disappear for weeks on end to go chasing after rumored artifact or tomb. His tastes run toward Elven artifacts dating from Myth Drannor. Hardin has the look of someone who spends a lot of time out doors, his brown hair is sun-bleached and his eyes are brown surrounded by the ruddy skin of his face that has seen too much sun over the years.

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