Name of establishment: Arylon Farmers Market

Submitted by: Koby Nachamias

Type of building: Open market, Field Ward

Business conducted: Just about everything.

Owner: Arylon City

Background and history on markets:

There are two kinds of markets, the first is a specialized market, and the second is a common market. The remnants of specialized markets can be seen in London today, a cobbler's market, a clothier's market etc.. In Tel-Aviv, there are open markets with everything from everywhere being offered for sale, much like the market in Aladdin's Agraba. A market can be an open market, open to the skies that is, or a closed market like the one in Jerusalem. Closed markets quickly evolve into specialized streets, Cobbler Street for example.

Description of Arylon's Markets:

Arylon has both open and closed markets. The open market or 'Farmer's Market' is in the Field Ward and is located in the large open area in the vicinity of Field Gate. There are also some specialized streets scattered throughout the city catering to those seeking more specific wares. Market day is typically the middle of the tenday week (think Thursday for a comparable day).

As market day approaches, farmers from the surrounding area pour into the open market of Arylon to display their wares. Most caravans purposely time their arrival for this day to sell their goods to as many people as possible. The open market is the lifeblood of the city and its people. The specialized markets of Arylon are available on a continuous basis and do not have a single 'market' day.

The specialized markets of Arylon are in more established parts of the city and tend to have permanent buildings. The 'Farmer's Market' is a variety of carts, tents, wagons, shelving and just about anything that is available to hold or display wares. The open market is always bustling with entertainers, hawkers, farmers, merchants, goodwive's, adventurer's and thieve's. The Crescents have extra patrols set in Field Ward during market day.

Sometimes it is difficult to get through the jumble of people and you have to elbow your way through. The only people able to maneuver properly are the Silver Crescents. This is the perfect grounds for cutpurses to flourish (DM's should give rouges +20% on their pickpocket attempts in these crowds). There are many boys who make thieving their life (they will grow up to become adventures, and tomb raiders), Fox is one of them.

Sounds of the typical market day:
"HONEY, HONEY!! Buy some dates, they taste like honey"
"PEARS, does the woman wants some pears, I picked them earlier today"
"HEY there is a worm in that apple!"
"What worm, I don't see any worms. APPLES, come and get these apples"
"Hands off that pear!"
"ONIONS, As big as Cyric's headache!"
"Oranges, even LANTHANDER would be proud of!"
"Why don't you buy the lady some flowers? They are fresh."
"Flour, come one, come too, come trees, we have all the flour you want"
"Does anyone want pies?, halfling made" (mmmdmmnd, mmdnd as chewing sounds reach your ears)
"Lady, lady are you buying or just touching the fruit?"
"FISH, FISH! Look they are still trying to swim away."
"Hey stop pushing me!"
"Bread here, we bake everything. Get you bread here!"

NPC's and Sample Stalls in Arylon's Farmer's Market:

Fox (N(good) hm T1, dexterity 16):

Fox is an orphan. He refuses to live in the Arylon orphanage and gets by on his own. His thieving abilities include moving silently, pick pocketing and running like hell. Fox is a specialist in biting people's fingers when they do manage to catch him. He can also use a dagger but that's about it. Fox's hideaway is a small hole in a wall in Field Ward near the city wall. If you remove the stone at ground level (because you can't bend that low in armor) and clean out the dirt, you can find his treasures (d20 silver, 10d10 copper, 1% of a very lowly small magic item that the boy has no idea how to manage).

Farmer Brun (hm, 0-level, farmer) and Anastasia (hf, 0-level, farmer's daughter):

In a typical farmer's hut, miles from city walls, it is usually the rooster who wakes up last. If he finds himself in a wire cage, dangling from a cart full of country wares he is probably doomed to become lunch. The cart is led by the family's treasured horse, fondly named Eleminster. Farmer Brun, and his daughter, Ana (really Anastasia, be careful she bit the last boy who laughed about her name) set their cart up and proudly display their wares.

-A small basket of eggs ("half a dozen per copper").
-A jar of milk ("it's from Milly the cow mister, only one silver").
-Three baskets of apples ("ten ("count your fingers Ana") coppers each").
-A bottle of apple cider made by Brun himself ("Brun cider is called Laddy, the best of the west, five silvers for this keg")

Suzan (hf, 0-level) and Leona (hf, 0-level):

Suzan and her sister, Leona, spent most of yesterday picking Cherries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Elderberries and all kind of berry berries from the country-side. They also made a wonderful berry jam, two jars of what was left from the week before. It is rumored the soldier at the gate has something going on with Leona (they steal smiles all the time). He, his friends, his friends' friends and all the rest of the watch he does not personally know, will be very upset if someone does something (however slight) to the two girls.

- Berries ("from the northern hills, a silver for a full flagon mister")
- A jar of jam ("we made it (smile)old lady Shara told us how to its two silver a jar")
- ("Would you like a jam sandwich mister? The blackbread was just baked. It's only a copper")

Turm (hm, 0-level farmer)

Turm the second farmer you meet. He rents a stall from one of the local merchants and sells potatoes, roots and carrots. He grows them on his farm, south of the city. He also tried to plant some seed from the Maztican Tomato. His haven't come in as red as those grown in Maztican, but he had a fair crop this year with four baskets to sell. His wife also baked some honey cakes for him to take to the market.

- Potatoes ("look at the size of these things, a silver each")
- Carrots ("a silver a pound for these beauties, my wife makes an Abyss of a cake from those things")
- Tomatoes ("just try them, they are a gold a pound those, I started them only this year I bought the seeds from a seaman. Have you ever heard about Maztica")
- Honey Cakes ("a silver each, the last one is for me")

Theodour (halfling male, 0-level), Ranmzii (halfling male, 0-level) and Felind (Halfling female, 1-level fighter, LG)

Theodour, Ranmzii and Felind are the halflings eating/selling the pies. Felind is the self proclaimed leader, a veteran of a thousand pies and a female of no small water in the subject of haggling. All three are from Corm Orp and rent their stall from week to week. The smell of halfling baked pies does most of the work for these short folks. They spend most of their time worrying what will be left for them. So instead of worrying, they keep eating pie, after pie, after pie, after pie . . .

Meat pies:
- Chicken pies ("mmm, a silver each")
- Pig (Ham) pies, have a crust shaped like a pig face and nose. The pig nose is the best part of this pie. ("mhh, two silver for this one")
- Beef pies ("a silver")
Sweet pies and cakes:
- Strawberry, lingoberry, elderberry pies look really inviting with one berry of the type of filling set on top of the crust, so you can tell them apart ("mmmgnmngmn, one silver")
- Apple and pear pies are a bit larger with whole slices of fruit inside ("a silver a piece")
- Honey Cakes ("five coppers for a cake")
- Orange cakes, a bit tart ("eight coppers, mmmgfmgn, please..")

Caleb (hm, 0-level Fighter, LN, Str: 18/10):

Caleb runs a beverage stand in the market. All types of fruits and vegetables fill his booth. Caleb is a looming figure by every definition of the word, and has been since the first day he was born. When he is not working as a bouncer at the city's many taverns, he works as a squeezer. All you have to do is choose what fruit or vegetable you would like to drink, from oranges to onions. He can squeeze juice out of everything. The story goes that a bet was placed between two people if Caleb could squeeze juice from a rock. Not only did he squeeze water from the rock but also made them drink it.

- Cup ("five coppers").
- Mug ("eight coppers").
- Flagon ("A Silver").

James T. Cork (hm, 0-level, fisherman)

"FISH, Fish good fish we caught them for you today!" As the odor of fresh fish steals the breath from your nostrils, you gaze upon one of the biggest tuna you have ever seen. Only when you come to inspect closer you notice that it had been smoked. This fish was brought all the way from the Sword Coast to be sold in the city. All other kinds of fish are salted, smoked or just plain dead and laid out on the table. James T. Cork and his fellow fishermen are very proud of this catch. They expect is to buy a new sail cloth for their storm tossed boat.

Fish (sold separately):
- Fresh 1gp
- Smoked 2gp
- Salted 1gp
- Fresh 3gp
- Smoked 3gp
- Salted 5gp
Tuna (per pound)
- Smoked 5gp
- Salted 5gp
Lobster 1gp
Shrimp (per pound) 1gp

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