Name of building: Lorisonís Loans

Submitted by: Jenn Millington

Type of building: one story wooden building

Business conducted in the building: selling loans

Owner: Jason Lorison

Number and Types of employees:
3 Clerks
3 human males (0 level clerks), including Aaron Miller.

Description of building:

Lorisonís Loans is a small one story wooden building. Three quarters of the building consists of the loans office, with desks for each of the employees. Jason has a small office which the employees are not allowed to enter. All legal agreements are kept in this office in a safe. Jason has payed a high level mage a large sum of money to place protections on the safe. If anyone besides Jason attempts to open the safe a symbol of sleep will be triggered, as well as an audible alarm to summon the watch.

Description of business:

Lorisonís Loans opened twenty years ago and has been a flourishing business since. Jason charges interest rates of 50% annually. In addition, the fine print in the loan documents states if a person defaults on his or her loan, Jason gets the collateral and all payments made. Jason will not accept a loan without collateral; acceptable collateral is land or tangible goods. Hence, Jason will loan a farmer enough money to buy land. If the farmer defaults on the loan Jason will take the property, sell it and make a profit, keeping all monies already obtained from said farmer. Insurance is not available on the loans, so if the person who took out the loan dies, the loan is immediately due. If no one pays, the property defaults back to Jason. Many people have raised their voices against these business practices; however, there is nothing in Arylonís laws to prevent this from happening. In addition, all Jasonís loans are legal and witnessed. Unfortunately, many who borrow money from Jason are not literate and are unable to read before they place their mark.


Jason Lorison (hm, 0 level, LN), loan broker

Jasonís history prior to his arrival in Arylon 20 years ago is mostly unknown. The only fact publicly known is that he was once a legal consultant in Waterdeep. Jason is the bastard son of one of the nobles in Waterdeep (even he's not sure which one). All he knows is that he has never wanted for money. His mother, a highly paid courtesan, was given a monthly stipend to prevent her from gossiping about her child.

Jason is a portly, ugly, 50 year old man. Upon his arrival in Arylon, Jason purchased a store from a bankrupt bookseller and opened Lorisonís Loans. Now, his loan business is going very well, so Jason will lend to anyone who has collateral. He is one of the wealthiest men in the city and has purchased a large mansion in the wealthiest part of town. Jason can be found from dawn to dusk in the Loanís office. At night, Jason is often invited to the homes of the wealthy; however, Jason has never invited anyone to his house. Most speculate that this is because Jason does not wish to go to the expense of entertaining anyone.

Jason is known as one of the stingiest men in Arylon. His employees are severely underpayed. He is well known for not allowing borrowers any leniency, even if they only miss payment by one month. Jason will not hesitate to evict a widow and her children in the middle of winter. To maximize his freedom to do these things, Jason remains well aware of Arylon's laws and up to date on changes.

Aaron Miller (hm, T1, LN)

Aaron Miller, one of the clerks, is a 17 year old man who is supposed to be apprenticed to Jason Lorison. In reality he is one of Kethryllia Hawksongís apprentices and spies on Jason Lorison for her. However, Aaron does find the work interesting and is learning a lot about Arylon law.

Jason came to Kethryllia's attention a year ago, when one of her former orphans came to her in tears after losing everything to Jason. Kethry decided to investigate Jason and was somewhat horrified to discover how much money and power Jason wielded. She planted Aaron as a spy to keep her informed about Jason's activities.

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