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Name of building: Arylon Library

Submitted by: Heiko Ramirez

Type of building: Library

Business conducted in the building: Books and Exploration Sponsorship

Owner: Sauron Mogun

Number and Types of employees: Two Librarians. Head librarian is Mogun Sauron (CG half-orc male F7) and his assistant is Leroc (CG dm 0 level).

Description of building:

The library is located in a small section of the Sunrise Ward that has become very prosperous lately. It has a small garden and a courtyard, with a small fountain that sprays water straight up into the air at twice the height of a man. Surrounding the courtyard and the library are many trees blocking direct line of sight but in no way preventing entrance to the library.

The building itself is stone and has three levels to it, two above ground and a basement. It is shaped like a hexagon, with one large double door leading out from the front. Each side is 15 yards long for a total area just over 100 sq. feet.

The first floor is about 15 feet high and has shelves of books at even intervals lined up to the door. There are books on history, almanacs, fiction, and assorted other topics. The history books take up half the library and cover all recent history and common ancient history of Faerun, Kara-Tur, and Zakhara. There is enough information that by spending four weeks studying them, a person can become proficient in the ancient history of anywhere commonly known to the Forgotten Realms.

The almanacs cover only Faerun and focus on the area east of Anauroch and North of Calimport. The books are accurate enough that anyone without the weather sense proficiency still has a 20% chance of guessing the weather. Those living in the area that the almanac covers or those with the weather sense proficiency have an 80% chance of making proper predictions. There are not enough books for someone to actually gain weather sense. Leroc tries very hard to keep up with ancient and current fiction. He has been mildly successful. The chance of finding an ancient fiction is 50% while modern fiction is 80%. Leroc especially loves mystery. Add 10% if looking for mystery.

The rest of the books only line one bookcase and cover a vast assortment of topics from the uses of bat dung to the nature of magic. There is only a 5% chance of finding a specific book if it is common. There are no rare books in this section. Those who wish to obtain any rare books must be good friends of the owner Mogun, adventurers in sore need of information, or outstanding thieves.

There are no actual protections for the building. There are only two ways into the building, the front door or the escape route that leads from Mogun's room to a nearby building. Each of the large glass windows on each wall of the first floor is made of reinforced glass and shatters as soon as a part of them is cut. The top floor has only arrow slits for windows. The front door is three inches thick and is reinforced by iron. The main security is Mogun himself who has a reputation of sending troublemakers to the local watch command.

The second floor has six rooms. The ceiling is 8 ft high and each room is exactly the same. Leroc uses one of them as an office. The other five are reserved for adventurers before they set out on a job. The owner Mogun periodically hires adventurers to investigate a lead he has uncovered while researching. Mogun uses the basement. It has a bedroom, a foyer, and small shrines to Deneir and Amaunator. The bedroom is small and efficient. The foyer could hold about 20 people.

The library has become a local landmark in the city. The courtyard in front is frequently used as meeting places during the day and a safe place for lovers to romanticize during the night. It is also popular among children as a play area as there are many places to hide among the plants.

Description of business:

Mogun seems to have an unusual amount of funding. Adventurers looking for money can be hired here to explore different places. The jobs range from delivering 'packages' to exploring dungeons. The prices start as low as 20 gp and can go all the way to 2000 gp for 'special' jobs. All reasonable expenses are covered.

Like many libraries in Faerun the Arylon library charges a 1 sp entrance fee per person per day, but asks only 5 cp from citizens. The entrance fee allows anyone to use any book in the main reading room. As both Sauron and Leroc can never turn away someone seeking information, people who cannot pay this fee are often allowed to use the library in return for easy labor, such as tending the garden.

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