Name: Laeroth Taal'r'ann (githyanki, male, 4th/4th, warrior/mage, CN (good tendencies), scout & tracker)

Submission by: Shane Bryan

Laeroth was born on an unnamed Prime world, in a githyanki settlement. He was trained as a gish, but was afflicted with wanderlust, and didn't fit in githyanki society. Twenty four years later the fortress was attacked by Illithids and destroyed. The survivors were sold to a baatezu captain for use in the Blood War.

On their first foray, the group was ambushed by a force of Tanar'ri and only four members survived. Left for dead on the field, the group set out on their own, dodging both sides in the conflict. Laeroth made it to Arborea and met a group of adventurers who led him to the Prime world of Toril. The group traveled throughout the Realms and made it to the city of Arylon in the latter part of the summer of 1360.

The adventurers, the Company of the Blue Gauntlet, stayed and explored the ancient ruins around the city. During this time, Laeroth learned quite a bit from the party's ranger and began enjoying the search for ancient artifacts. After two years of delving, the Company returned to the surface bearing a small chest of lost jewels, and a single King's Tear gem. After selling the jewels to a collector, the group hired out as caravan guards and built a small farm just outside of town. They stayed in Arylon long enough to earn money to finance their next adventure- the discovery of the treasure revealed within the King's Tear gem.

During this time, Laeroth continued learning woodslore and spent many days in the Wood of Sharp Teeth. His wanderlust was sated and he chose to remain in Arylon when the company decided to leave. Laeroth took charge of the small farm and hired out as a scout and tracker for the local hunters and nobility. Though Laeroth is a trained gish, he rarely uses his magic. He prefers to keep it a secret and uses it only when there is no choice (ie. In battle). He does not want people coming to him for magical advice, aid or training. Very few people know he is a githyanki. He keeps his appearance hidden beneath cloaks and cowls. Those who employ him think he is a deformed, or very old elf. The few elves he has come in contact with questioned him heavily and finally allowed him to live in peace.

Taal'r'ann doesn't care to be around the hustle and bustle of every day, human life. He considers humans to be weak-willed but doesn't mind helping them as long as he's getting something out of it. He enjoys his time in the woods and loves new discoveries. He has no interaction or knowledge of any githyanki activities nor does he want to live among his people again. Laeroth has the githyanki dislike of githzerai, and hates Mindflayers. He has been known to spend days looking for their presence, and ruthlessly hunts and kills any Illithids he encounters.

Laeroth lives in a small house located just outside of the city, the same house and farmstead the Company of the Blue Gauntlet owned. He has discovered his niche in life and is interested in exploring the ruins beneath Arylon. He doesn't seek wealth or fame, he, instead, enjoys the thrill of discovery and wants to uncover new artifacts and history. Especially if the culture was around during the time of the Illithid empires.

The farmstead itself isn't very large, but has accommodations for eight people, and a large storage room for equipment. That room now only contains his saddle and horse tack, two backpacks, six torches, two bullseye lanterns, a 10' pole, three coils of 20' rope, and an elven-made longbow and quiver of 20 arrows (a gift from the Company's ranger). Laeroth's tried to make his home as self-sufficient as possible. He has a riding horse, a milk cow, two pigs, and five chickens, as well as a small vegetable garden.

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