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Name: Lady Darostar (ef, B3, NG, Harper agent)

Submitted By: Jade Williams

Stats: Str:14 Dex:15 Int:16 Wis:10 Con:11 Cha:16

"Lady" Darostar is a relatively young elf, at 122 winters. She is younger and more inexperienced than most adventurers. Being a gold elf does not help, as her family was very conservative in their views towards other races and tried to impress that attitude on all their children. Lady Darostar has had more contact with other races than the rest of her family. Because of this, she does not get on well with her parents. She still retains her superior, slightly aloof attitude. She gained the nickname 'Lady' from her attempts to associate with the nobles and upper class when first leaving Silverymoon. She kept the name as a reminder of what she left behind.

Lovain, a moon elf and secretly an experienced Harper, sponsored Lady Darostar into the ranks of the Harpers, having spent several months travelling with her, he had seen her attitude lose her several groups of friends. Harpers weren't especially interested in her but she was accepted due to Lovain. She was given a wide range of assignments as per the instructions of Lovain to try and get rid of her attitude. Lady Darostar was given several small tasks in Waterdeep and during these times, she learned several of the dwarven and human songs that were sung in the inns and taverns every night. She adapted and fitted elven lyrics to human songs and made a name for herself in a relatively short time.

She was assigned to Arylon by the Harpers to keep an eye on the growing half-elven community there. She was the replacement for the two previous half-elven agents who had been assigned to Erevel. They had been uncomfortable with their role of spies in such a friendly and open community. It was hoped her cautious, slightly distanced approach would be more effective, and she wouldn't develop emotional ties with the Erevel. She has enrolled in the Bard's College and sends regular reports back to the Harpers about the daily life and major characters in the area to 'make sure they are doing the right thing'. Her aloofness to the other bards is mainly due to her insecurities about how she fits in the Harpers. She has also been trying to gather lore on the history of the community, but finds she is blocked whenever she gets close to any solid information. Falco, the elder of the community, has told her that he knows she is a Harper, and she believes Arylon's Council has found out through their shady contacts. However, she believes they are still not aware of what information she sends out or how often.

When a council position became free, she decided to try for the position, believing she would have access to more information that would help her assignment. She was surprised to find Falco had organised the half-elves to vote for her. Thanks to that help she was elected onto the council. Now, with her council duties, she has less time to spend on her Harper investigations and is beginning to suspect that was the plan all along.

As a gold elf, Lady Darostar stands 5'8" tall, has pale bronze skin, and long black hair, which she keeps loose and styled into flowing curls. She always dresses in feminine clothes when travelling around the city. Skirts and laced-front blouses are the clothing style she most commonly wears.


Lady Darostar was born in Daggerford and is the youngest of the family. She was kept isolated by her loving mother, who wanted her to grow into a 'proper' elven lady. She was a young girl when the family moved to Silverymoon, to be with the other elven houses there. One night on the way there, she couldn't sleep and found the human guards playing games and singing songs (her father had forbidden the family from leaving their wagons during the trip). She watched them from the shadows of the wagon as they laughed, sang, played games, and enjoyed life. She decided there and then to become a bard and spent many nights secretly listening to the bawdy songs the guards sang. When the family settled in Silverymoon they were pleased that their little girl wanted to learn elven lore and enrolled her with an exclusive elf-only tutor. However, the strict precise structure to the music she was taught was not to the young elf's liking. She wanted to experiment with her music and try human songs. She learned the basics of playing instruments in her time there, but her tutor revoked her enrollment when she bridled under the restrictions of songs she was being taught. The family was upset, but her skill impressed them enough to allow her to continue learning on her own and performing at small elven gatherings.

At night, she would often sneak out to listen to bards of other races playing in the halls and taverns of the city. As time went on, she longed to play in one of the taverns, to show off her skill to a crowd that would appreciate it. Therefore, she hatched a plan. Over the next eight months she subtly and secretly collected several disguises and, in one of them, approached the owners of some of the small taverns on the far side of the city. She offered them the services of an elven bard who would be in town for just a few days. Disguising herself as the male 'Aldron Heartsong', she played in public for the first time. The rendition of 'The Standing Stone' with a more human tune made the night a success for Aldron.

Aldron played for the next two nights, received more good receptions, and thought that finally she had found happiness in her life. Then Sinthilla DelHary'n blazed onto the scene. Sinthilla was the heir to the DelHary'n house and known as an ageing arrogant, spoiled moon-elf. She was always looking for ways to improve her social position, as her house was small and had no holdings or influence. She saw Aldron perform in the garden of the Night Owl tavern one evening, and decided a gold elf child would give her house the notoriety she wanted. Not one to be subtle, especially where a young gold elf was concerned, she had her bodyguards 'invite' Aldron to join her. Trapped in a tavern with someone, who knew her real family, Aldron had no choice but to play along. Aldron finally managed to get away after serenading Sinthilla with an elven love song and agreeing to meet with her the following day. Realising this was getting out of hand, Aldron was retired; but Sinthilla was never known for giving up, started hunting for him. As the DelHary'n guards closed in on his origins, through the other disguises she had used to get his performances arranged, Aldron had to make another appearance, in hope of leading them away from house Darostar. Aldron confronted the guards and spun a tale of how he was waylaid by hired killers and had to lie low for a few days. Aldron woke up in the guest quarters of House DelHary'n, with a throbbing headache and a big bruise from a weighted sap. Sinthilla explained to him that she was in need of a husband and father to the children she was going to bear. A handsome, young gold-elf would be perfect, increasing her influence within the city and the noble houses. When Sinthilla tried to get more intimate with him, she finally found out Aldron was female. Aldron used this opportunity with Sinthilla in shock, and the guards outside, to escape.

She fled the city with an adventuring group and paused only to write a note to her parents. Sinthilla, not wanting the incident to come to light turned to one of her other schemes and did not pursue the matter. Aldron did not last long with any of the adventuring groups she joined that year. Her parents had taught her that gold elves were better than other elves, and elves were better than other races. She found herself reverting back to those attitudes and alienating her travelling companions. Besides, she was not used to the open road and living without the comforts of home. She also insulted several would-be friends with her superior attitude. Living on the money she made performing in the inns along the roads, she eventually met up with Lovain, a moon elf who taught her to be more accepting of other races. He saw how well she got on with people as she tried to learn their songs and stories and sponsored her membership in the Harpers.

Following Lovain's recommendation, Lady Darostar applied for membership in the Harpers, and was sent to Waterdeep. She was put through several tests, and her ability to blend musical styles made her several friends during this time. The Harpers saw this, and moved her into the social arena, where her bardic abilities were improved, and her music style was used to get suspicious people at ease so other agents could gather information easier. Her attitude still hindered her at times, as she would say or do the wrong thing, so she was assigned to elven and half-elven missions mainly.

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