Name: Lady Congratulia Esmerelda Cormaeril (h, f, 0 level noble, LN. Owner of the Arylon Finishing School)

Submitted by: Jenn Millington

Lady Congratulia is the owner of the Arylon Finishing School. She is 47 years old and is one of the ugliest women in Arylon. She is so obese her eyes are slits in her face. When she waddles, her whole body jiggles in a mesmerizing manner. Weighing over 400 pounds and standing 5'6", Lady Congratulia is an imposing woman. Although her physical appearance is grotesque, she is quite charming and is considered one of the leading experts in etiquette.

Thirty years ago Lady Congratulia appeared in Arylon. Even at 17 she was obese and extremely ugly. Her parents endowed her with a large sum of money to remove herself from Cormyr as her appearance was an embarrassment to the family. Congratulia bought a large manor house within the confines of the Inner Ward of Arylon and created the Arylon Finishing School for Young Ladies. She is known by the girls at the school to be a harsh taskmaster but a kind and generous woman. Congratulia is one of the wealthiest women in Arylon. Each year she awards a donation to a charitable organization within Arylon.

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