Name: Kosciusko (ks-sko)- (em, P6 [Crusader of Corellon Larethian], CG)

Submitted by: Jade Williams

Stats: Str:17, Dex:14, Con:16, Int:10, Wis:14, Cha:15
Equipment: Elven chain mail, Elven long bow +1, (DD p.94) 20 x arrows +1, Long sword +2 "Sleeping in the Light", detects drow in 120' radius automatically, neutralises drow poisons 3/day, light 3/day.
NWPs: Religion(elf), Read/write(Espruar, common), Artistic ability-sculpture, Inquisitor, Hunting, Tracking.


Kosciusko is 5'-5", has short blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He is a pale-skinned moon elf, who seems to be constantly agitated, and can't seem to stay still for any length of time. He stays very fit and works out- making him more muscular than most humans, despite his slender frame. He wears his pale blue elven chain mail most of the time- even when off-duty at home. He wears robes of sky blue for formal occasions. His sword, a bluesteel elven longsword called 'Sleeping in the Light' never leaves his side. On his belt he carries trophies marking him as a hunter of drow (such as broken house symbols, and drow ears). In his house are other items, such as heraldic crests, dwarven runes, and holy symbols from other races he has hunted in the name of his church. The church elders know the 'lesser races' would be outraged if they knew of these items, and so have ordered them to be kept out of sight.

Kosciusko rarely smiles, he seems to be in a bad mood or focused on a particular goal most of the time. He takes his job seriously, but is torn between the extremes of his life as a warrior, and his faith as a priest. His entire life had been dedicated to fighting for his church, his faith was instilled at an early age and he never questioned it. He missed out on much of the organised teachings- his mentors having kept him out on the road most of the time. They found his chaotic, unconventional attitude was best focused in a private prayer during his travels rather than making him return to the church after each mission. Now, with his life more urbanised, he is learning of the dual role of Corellon's followers- not only as protectors of the elves, but also as builders, composers and healers, as well as defenders of the elven spirit. With this realisation, he is unsure of his role now. He immerses himself in the creation aspect of his faith during the day, helping the craftsmen of the Erevel to style the buildings, and create new works of art.

However, he has grown used to the violent nature of his life, and welcomes the release it gives him. Within the eastern Dock Ward he is known as a brutal vigilante, and many people try to avoid him as much as possible.

Each day at sunrise and sunset he patrols the Erevel community, and parts of eastern dock ward in full battle gear, keeping an eye out for any trouble. He will wade into any situations that he thinks need his presence, from couples arguing to tavern brawls.


When he was still a small child, Kosciusko was the only survivor of an attack on his village by Zhentarim-sponsored loggers. He was out with his father picking berries from the early summer blooms when they heard the sounds of battle. Running back to the village they saw the village under attack, most of the buildings were being torn down, and the elves were being killed. As they ran forward, Kosciusko tripped over his basket of berries, and lay stunned while his father was cut down by a warrior in black armour. The warrior flipped Kosciusko over and, seeing the red stains on his shirt, left him for dead and walked away. He lay there, paralysed with fright, until the destruction was found by an elven war band. The elven warriors arrived in time to kill the intruders but were unable to save any of the villagers. The elves didn't know what to do with Kosciusko, and so they took him to a sacred grove, and left him in the care of the priests there. Over the years, the priests of Corellon Larethian used his anger to shape him into a crusader of the faith, a living weapon to use against their enemies.

Kosciusko spent his childhood being indoctrinated by the priests and training with the best fighters available. He became a fanatical warrior to be sent against the enemies of the church. For the final test, to prove his worth as a Crusader, Kosciusko was sent into the underdark. After almost six months below ground, the quest was completed with the destruction of a Mind Flayer colony in an abandoned dwarven mine. Returning to the surface, he was given other assignments, but it quickly became clear that he had trouble following the rules laid down by the church. He preferred to take the initiative and do what he thought was necessary to get a job done.

Throughout this time, he kept hearing rumours of a Drow who was living on the surface, far to the North. Finally getting permission to investigate, he set off, but found the Drow had gone south, to the coast. Kosciusko followed the trail and ended up in Waterdeep following the trail of another drow- this time a female mage. Continuing to follow rumours he descended into Undermountain, and battled drow for a year there, gaining Sleeping in the Light from some dwarves he freed.

When he returned to the church, they assigned him to Arylon to investigate the half-elves there, and keep an eye on them. The church was interested in the creativity shown by the community- they saw the Erevel modifying elven works into new forms. Their faith decreed they should investigate further, to see if these impulses could be used to inspire elven crafts.

Kosciusco has been using his skills to help them renovate their homes, showing them how to work with the wood and stone to create graceful patterns and sculptures. He also keeps an eye on the bards in the community- to keep track of the songs they sing and the magic they weave.

He has offered to be a liaison with the church of Corellon Larethian so the Erevel can learn of the 'true elves'. The Erevel turned down the offer due to the violent nature of his lifestyle. He has also taken up an aggressive guardian role, keeping the Erevel thieves from working, through intimidation and violence. He patrols Dock Ward, looking to fight evil, but is getting frustrated when situations turn out to be more complicated than good-vs-evil.

Related Info:
Crusader Kit [from Warriors and Priests of the Realms]:
-no 10% XP bonus
-Cannot turn undead
-Spells: 3 3 1 (modified for kit)
-Augury 6/week, divination 1/week
Inquisitor NWP from W&PotR.
Erevel community [by Jade Williams]

Adventure Hooks:

Kosciusko can be a source of information for certain adventures- he still listens out for reports of drow, orcs, goblins, etc.. that may threaten the local elves. As he can't do anything about these threats he would likely pass the information onto any elven PC who befriends him.

For role-players he is the perfect example of a fanatic- blind to any concerns other than the duty set down by his church.

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