Name: Kilaim Law Wielder (Shield Dwarf, Male, 54 yrs, 3' 10", 140 lbs., 4th Level, Fighter/ Thief (Vermin Slayer kit), LG, Pest Controller)

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Attributes: Str 14; Dex 14; Con 12; Cha 16; Int 10; Wis 9
Alignment: LG
Wealth: 300gp
XP: 8500/ 8500
Weapon Proficiencies: Hand Axe, Hammer, Short Sword, Dagger, Light Crossbow.
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Alertness (B), Endurance (B), Tracking (B), Under Ground Navigation (B), Direction Sense, Pest Control, Underground Survival, and Swimming.
HP: 24
Thieving Abilities: PP 5, OL 40, FRT 90, MS 70, HIS 55, DN 60, CW 60, RL 0
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Gnome, Thieves Cant
Special Benefits: +1 to hit, +2 damage with axe when fighting small creatures. -1 to initiative when fighting in a restricted passage or tunnel.
Hindrance: Easier to be hit by large creatures (Trolls, Ogres, Ogre Magi, Titans, and Giants) than normal dwarves, bonus to armor class is only -2 instead of -4.
Equipment: 1 suit of Leather Armor, 1 Short Sword, 2 Hand Axes, 2 Hammers, 1 Knife, 4 Daggers, 2 Light Crossbows, 50 Bolts, Clothing, and General Supplies.


Kilaim appears to a bit more attractive than his brothers, if a little shorter. Although, it seems only the dwarven women consider him attractive as they respect his profession. Non-dwarven women are somewhat repelled by Kilaim's collection of 'trophies'. Kilaim has yet to understand why the non-dwarven women act in such a manner. His dark brown hair always has a shine, even after being dragged through the sewers for a week. His light brown eyes always hold a sparkle of his good nature. He can usually be seen around the Dwarven quarter in his leather armor and his blue bandana. His latest 'trophies', the skulls and heads of the vermin he has recently killed, hang about his waist.


Kilaim Law Wielder, one of three Law Wielder brothers living in Arylon's Dwarven Quarter, is a pest controller, killing all manner of vermin from rats to Kobolds and other giant-kin.

In contrast to his brother Farak, Kilaim tends to take things casually in almost every way. Like his brother he is also a member of the Silver Crescents under his brother Ovak's command. Kilaim and his brothers were raised in Tempus's Tears, a town at a cross-roads a few miles North of Arylon. While there, they worked as Amaeraszantha's eyes (Volo's Guide to the Swordcoast), protecting the ruins' stones from being plundered.

They moved to Arylon chasing promises of mining opportunities. They started by following their clan's primary task of law enforcement. Unfortunately, the mining opportunities they heard about turned out to be copper. While there was a high demand for it, the brothers primary skills lay in forging and working metal- not processes that were needed in the copper trade. Kilaim also took up his secondary profession of vermin slayer. He has started a Vermin Slayer's Guild in Arylon, but so far it only consists of himself and his apprentice. Kilaim, like his brothers, wishes to increase his fortune and standing in the community to enhance his chances of finding a wife.

Kilaim is a fun loving and easy going Dwarf, who is often at odds with his brother Farak over some minor point. Though the arguments can become quite loud, and sometimes a little physical, they don't last long and Kilaim treats them as good-natured fun, even though on many occasions the watch has been called in out of concern for those involved. The constant fighting should not be misconceived as a familial split, either brother would quickly drop whatever they were doing if the other needed assistance. Often Kilaim will be found drinking at the Pick Axe Inn or at the forge, where he has set up his business on the ground floor of the main building. At the least it makes for a contact point for those wishing his services.

Kilaim has a great sense of humor, though those outside Dwarven society rarely ever get to see it. He will often use the phrase, "You got vermin, I'll Kilaim" as a slogan. Though he does his duty adequately, it has often been said that he seems to have trouble taking anything seriously, perhaps that is the price of spending most of your time in the sewers of the city. Though his primary tasks are law enforcement and extermination, his knowledge of the sewers and attached subterranean areas has had him occasionally offer his services as a guide. Unfortunately, he has never learned the skill of cartography or he could simply sell maps of the underground. Of course, guiding adventurers around the underground allows him to keep the Silver Crescents informed about who is prowling under the city, and why. It also allows Kilaim to see if there are any new problems cropping up.

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