Name: Kielaylan Arvanan (Moon Elf, Male, Level 3, Mage (generalist), CG, Chef for the Greenleaf. NWP: Brewing, Cooking, Direction Sense, Fire-building, Weather Sense, Herbalism, Reading/Writing, Spellcraft.)

Submission by: Kimberly Moser .


Kielaylan is a moon elf. He has blue-black hair and grey eyes. His hair is kept long and braided, he stuffs it into his shirt when working and traveling. He is 163 years old, weighs 100 pounds and is 5'-9".


Kielaylan is the eldest child of Tianna and Morgreve Arvanan. He was trained in the Art by his father. His family, except one sister, and home were destroyed in 1345 DR by an Incantatrix. Kielaylan was hunting and arrived home as a blaze destroyed all he held dear. He saw a human magess finish her last spell and pick up his unconscious sister.

He pursued the mage and her captive through the Snakewood. He stumbled upon a magical trap the woman set and it nearly slew him. He continued to follow the pair as best he could. Fevers wracked his wounded body and mind and he finally stumbled into an encampment. Four days later, he woke and prepared to spring upon his foe, only to find himself confronted by a grinning, laughing half- elf.

He stayed his hand and demanded to know where he was, who she was, and what she had done with his sister. The half-elf introduced herself as Shandaria Mistmere, then smacked his dagger out of his hand and chided him on his manners. He apologized and introduced himself to her. He explained his predicament and whom he was chasing and why. The half-elf invited herself along on his quest and Kielaylan was grateful for the assistance.

Kielaylan and Shandaria tracked the Incantatrix to the Troll Mountains. When they found the lair, Shandaria occupied the Incantatrix while Kielaylan freed his sister. He waited for a lull in the spell battle to carry his sister from the cavern. After seeing to her safety, he returned to aid the half-elven wizard. He arrived as the Incantatrix took flight. He and Shandaria examined the lair and plundered its treasures. They claimed two chests filled with gems and assorted coinage for themselves and scattered the remaining treasure.

Kielaylan agreed to further accompany Shandaria to Eshpurta where he was hoping to find medical aid for his sister. His sister, Philomel, had not fared well at the hands of the Incantatrix, and was in shock. Her beautiful hair was shorn in clumps from her head. She was battered and bruised, and her tongue and vocal chords had been damaged. Kielaylan swore an oath against the Incantatrix for the destruction of his home and for the abuse of his sister.

Kielaylan remained in Eshpurta for the remainder of the year while his sister recovered. He slowly became accustomed to the half-elf and her habits and began to develop a fondness for his driven friend. When she asked him to travel to the city of Arylon, he was prepared to follow her anywhere. He had no home to return to, and Philomel was the only remaining family he had left. Plus, Shandaria had access to information about the Incantatrix he would need to carry out his oath. So, he and Philomel accompanied her to Arylon in 1346 DR.

Over the next six years he helped Shandaria with her business ventures. In 1352, he helped her open the Green Leaf and is now the acting manager of the Inn. He is an expert cook and gourmand and delights the patrons with a new recipe every week.

Kielaylan seeks the Incantatrix at every available opportunity. He speaks with customers at the Greenleaf in an attempt to gather as much information as is possible. He also drops hints in the markets as he shops. Every time he gets a lead in the right direction he runs into a dead end. He is beginning to despair of ever locating his hated rival. (Kielaylan is unaware Shandaria is foiling his attempts to locate the Incantatrix.)

He realizes he is not of sufficient power to confront the woman and spends every spare moment training and preparing for the day of battle. He tries to train with Shandaria but time is limited to them both, and they have a difficult time matching schedules.

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