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Kethryllia Hawksong (Silver elf, 7th lvl fighter/9th lvl thief, female, NG. Owner of the Arylon Orphanage, the Orphanage Schoolhouse and the Silver Lady.)

Submitted by: Jenn Millington <>

AC: 4 (+2 ring of protection)
HP: 56
NWP: disguise, forgery, jumping, reading lips, tightrope walking, tumbling, riding land-based, etiquette, reading/writing (elvish), speaks elven and common
Thieving Skills: PP 80%, OL 90%, F/RT 90%, MS 90%, HIS 80%, DN 40%, CW 80%, RL 50%


Kethryllia is a slender, attractive, female silver elf. Silver hair frames her delicate heart-shaped face. Her amber eyes always appear slightly haunted. Normally she wears silk clothing with a rapier strapped to one hip and a knife to the other. She isn't physically imposing and is often mistaken as helpless. She is 5'-2" and considered small by her people but her slight build hides an inner strength.


Kethryllia was born in Evereska and never knew her parents. None of the elves discussed their identities no matter how often she asked. As an orphan, she was cared for by the entire community but this left a feeling of unexplainable loss. This feeling remains with her. It is most apparent when she is around loving families.

Forty years ago, Kethry left Evereska to make a name for herself. She had been well trained as a fighter and scout. For the next twenty years, she traveled the Dalelands and improved her skills. While in Daggerdale she joined the fight against the Zhentarim, who had invaded and taken over the community.

Twenty years ago, she became embroiled with a band of adventurers and joined their trek across the countryside. One of these adventurers was a gold elven bladesinger named Cinthinil. Kethryllia and Cinthinil fell in love and this bond held her to the band. She traveled with this company for six years, always between the Dalelands and Cormyr. The small band gained a reputation for causing havoc for the Zhents of this area. The group quickly obtained ties to the group known as the Harpers (one of their members being a harper) and ties to Randal Morn's Freedom Riders.

Kethryllia's adventures ended abruptly when she discovered she was carrying Cinthinil's child. Kethry could not stay with the band as Cinthinil became too distracted for her safety. Cinthinil and Kethry were wed in Cormyr and purchased a house in Arabel, where a retired human friend of theirs lived.

Cinthinil planned to stay at home with Kethry until the child was born but he was called to help rescue their harper friend who had been captured by the Zhentarim. Vainly, Kethryllia awaited Cinthinil's return.

After the birth of her child, she traveled to the Dalelands to discover what happened to Cinthinil. Her search proved fruitless, Cinthinil and her friends had vanished from Faerun. Kethryllia returned to Cormyr and sought advice from the Priests of Tymora. Their attempts to divine what had happened to the small band met with failure. Kethry then sold the house in Arabel (as it held too many happy yet painful memories) and took her young son to the growing community of Arylon.

Upon arriving in Arylon Kethry was struck by the number of orphaned children that lived in Arylon's streets. Remembering her unhappy childhood, Kethry founded an orphanage in a large three story building near the wharves. Kethry appropriated the top floor as a home for herself and her son and converted the two remaining floors for the children. Shortly after this, the Time of the Troubles struck and Kethryllia used all her resources to ensure that the children of the city were protected.

Two years later, she decided that taking in the children was not enough. She hired a young priest from Silverymoon and opened a school. Kethry was happy that the children's future was protected. She also arranged for the children's future training in their area of expertise. Kethry was able to fund her endeavors by selling the small horde of items she and Cinthinil had acquired over the years.

Kethry's final undertaking was the Silver Lady, an inn and tavern located near the docks. The Silver Lady is registered as an inn and tavern, but most of the sailors know that the inn is a front for a brothel and frequent it regularly. Kethry hired local prostitutes as staff for the Silver Lady.

Kethry was friends with an older human thief named Donal Brightblade. Donal had an information guild within the city (a number of contacts and associates) and recruited Kethry as an assistant. (Donal was grooming her for a Council position.) Kethry trained with Donal for several years. Three years ago, Donal was brutally murdered, as he left the City Council chambers.

Kethry vowed to find his killer. She actively sought the individual, eventually discovering him. The murderer was a Barge captain. Donal previously reported him to the City Council for illegal activities. Kethry stalked the captain and gathered all the information she could regarding the man's guilt and illegal activities. Then she used a sleeping poison and abducted him. She brought the Captain and the proof of his activities to the Council.

She demanded justice for Donal's death. The Council was shocked by her methods but was impressed by the amount of information she supplied regarding his activities (including written records). After much deliberation, she was offered Donal's position. The councilors keep secret the nature of her position as informant. Officially, she was invited to

join the Council due to her involvement with public, charitable contributions. The Council is aware of her illicit methods of obtaining information. Therefore, they have learned not to ask about some of the more delicate information she provides them.

Kethry is continuing Donal's guild. She intends for the guild to collect information for the Council. She believes information can serve the council's best interests and thus, she attempts to have all illicit activities within Arylon infiltrated by a member of her guild. Although Kethry performs a few actions most people consider illegal, she does it for the benefit of the city. Her love for Arylon is superseded only by the love for her son, Cinthinil.

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