Name: Kaire (hm, NG, 6th lvl High Dawnlord of Lathander, House of Dawn)

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Kaire is enamored with the nobility of the city. In fact, he tends to most of their clerical needs. Consequently, he is often invited to their gatherings. While his ties to nobility are tenuous at best, they do exist. He was born and raised in Arylon to the Stillhawk family. Being the youngest son born to minor nobility whose fortunes were slipping from their hands, he was sent to the temple of Lathander. It was thought that it might prepare him for a life without wealth since he would inherit nothing. Kaire didn't choose to become a priest but his parents felt the Lanthanderian faith was the perfect solution. He truly believed in the ideals of the faith and would have chosen to be a worshipper, however. Since he was raised as a noble and not a priest, he enjoys the arts and fancies himself a painter. His paintings show talent but they don't depict reality. Kaire sees the world differently than most. If he were to paint a begger, you wouldn't see the dirt and despair only his idealized version. His paintings are popular with the nobility and he often gives them as gifts. His works don't upset their aristocratic sensibilites by showing life as it really is. This makes him a good liason for the temple with the upper class of Arylon.

Unlike many of the clergy of the House of Dawn, Kaire believes Geena's age is affecting her mind. He aspires to the position of high priest but only for the position. When important decisions are required, Kaire is often not consulted. Everyone knows what a social climber he is but he does bring in the money from the nobles. Kaire is always immaculate in appearance. He wears his hair short and is quite handsome. He also fails to notice anyone below his perceived station since he believes he will be the high priest.

Kaire isn't as bad as he seems. He has ambitions but it is just his nature to seek wealth. When he first joined the church, he refused to have anything to do with money because he felt it had been denied him. Now, he receives monetary gifts and payments for some services and paintings. Most of his fees are passed on to the church. However, since he associates closely with his former class, he has begun dressing better. He feels this puts him on a more level footing and proves his worth. Of course, his behaviour has undergone some changes over the years. Because he hasn't realized he's forgetting the teachings of Lathander, he's heading for another fall and disappointment. One of his proudest moments was the fund raising event he oversaw for Geena. He threw a large party where the nobility were encouraged to donate money in order to rebuild the temple. It was so successful that more money was raised than ever before. It helped establish his current state of mind. From then on, his pride in himself grew.

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