Submitted by: Sham Lukin <>

Name of Building: K&K Carriages

Type of Building: Two-story brick building

Business Conducted: Fixing and rebuilding carriages, wagons, etc.

Owner: Abee Khazook (hm, 0-lvl Craftsman, LG)

Number and Type of Employees:

8 workers:
Apter (hm, 0-lvl, LN) Body Repair
Brakeem (hm, 0-lvl, LN) Wheel Repair
Kercy (h-em (moon), 0-lvl, LN) Body
Wace (hm, 0-lvl, LN) Body
Faidi (hm, 0-lvl, LN) Wheel
Moso (hm, 0-lvl, LN) Body
Dracko (hm, 0-lvl, LN) Wheel
Elbo (dm, F3, CG) Body
1 Messenger
Reeb (half-orc male, T1, LN)
2 Bookkeepers/Shopkeepers
Sebhem Khazook (hf, 0-lvl, LG)
Churwa Khazook (hf, 0-lvl, LG)

Description of Building:

K&K Carriages is a two-story, E-shaped, red brick building. The first floor consists of 3 sheds and an office. The 3 sheds are where the carriages and wagons are rebuilt and fixed, with 2 for bodywork and the 3rd for wheel repair. The office is where the book/shopkeepers work and the owner, usually helping the workers in the sheds, keeps records of the business. The second floor, containing 3 bedrooms and a kitchen, is where the owner and his family lives.

The basement, where the owner stores junk from old carriages, such as broken wheels and body sections, is the largest floor. Here also is Abee's son's treasure from adventuring, hidden in a box with a magical lock. There is also a hidden door in the northeast section of the basement, of which only Abee knows. Where it leads, Abee doesn't dare to know.

Description of Business:

K&K Carriages fixes and rebuilds broken carriages and wagons, specializing in carriages, but do not build from scrap. They rebuild or fix the bodies of the carriages, and often have to replace whole sections or mend holes inside the carriage. Also, to rebuild the body of a carriage the wood and other materials must be familiar to the workers. Local wood is cheaper, so the customer is expected to pay more for, say, Chultan wood. Special orders and custom designs cost more based on how long the project takes. They will replace or repair broken wheels and fix wheel alignment on either axis. With 8 workers fixing a given carriage, the repairs should take no longer than a day. However, if they are busy it could take much longer.


Abee Khazook (hm, 0-lvl, LG), Craftsmen/Business Owner

Abee Khazook is nearing his 50th winter. He is a native of Anauroch, a well-known craftsman from time spent in Tilverton, and a 10-year citizen of Arylon. He is a good-hearted fellow who believes there is good in everyone waiting to break out. He is 6'1", 220 lbs., and balding, with a graying mustache. He is also a very gentle, knowledgeable, and humorous man who cracks jokes with his customers. As the business owner of K&K Carriages, he knows every detail about carriages. He also knows where most carriages are going, what they are carrying, and who is on them. You will always find him in his working attire, usually in the work area helping his employees. He is generous, sometimes loaning carriages to those who can't afford repairs.

He is also a family man with 3 daughters and 3 sons. His daughters help around the business and house and his sons are off adventuring.

The members of his family are:

Yoska K. (hf, 0-lvl, LG), housewife
Herziena Hashien (hf, 0-lvl, LG), housewife -- now Brakeem's wife
Churwa K. (hf, 0-lvl, LG), Bookkeeper/Shopkeeper
Sebhem K. (hf, 0-lvl, LG), Bookkeeper/Shopkeeper
Moose K. (hm, C3 (Tyr), LG) -- Location: Suzail, Cormyr
Bedouin K. (hm, Pal5 (Torm), LG) -- Location: Unknown
Jooh K. (hm, Pal2 (Ilmater), LN) -- Location: Calimshan

Reeb (half-orc male, T1, LN) messenger

Reeb is one of the most unique citizens of Arylon. He is a half-orc, 6'1", 200 pounds, gray-skinned, and smells like a sewer. When Abee was making his trek toward Arylon, Reeb was planning to ambush the family's carriage. The half-orc failed in his attempt and was wounded in the conflict by Abee's son, Bedouin. Instead of killing the creature, good-hearted Bedouin gave him a chance to atone for his evil. So, Abee took Reeb under his wing.

During the ten years that Reeb has been with Abee and his family, Reeb was taught to read and write in common and learned to be a messenger for Abee around and out of the city. Since Abee took Reeb as one of his own, Abee has to take full responsibility for Reeb's actions. Still, Reeb can't help but stray from the "civilized" path and sometimes lifts a purse here and there.

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