Name: Jhassandra Windsong (hef, B6, NG). Owner of Dareth's Harps.

Submitted by: Jenn Millington <>

NWP's: musical instruments: harp, flute and lyre; craft instruments: stringed, woodwind and keyboard; singing; reading/writing elven and common; local history; crowd working


Jhassandra was born in Arylon in 1336, the product of a union between a gold-elven woman and a human bard. Jhassandra’s mother had been traveling with a group of adventurers and ran into Jhassandra’s father, Dareth, while wintering in Arylon. Her mother found herself pregnant and stayed with Dareth, assisting him in his harp workshop. Jhassandra grew up surrounded by music.

In 1344 the elven retreat began. For a year Jhassandra’s mother ignored the urgings of her arrogant brother to leave "the human and his child". However, the siren call became too much for her to bear. One evening in Nightal 1345 Jhassandra's mother left them and went to Evermeet.

Jhassandra was devastated and blames herself for her mother's leaving; the day her mother left, Jhassandra had fought with her mother and said she hated her. Dareth bitterly resented the elves and Evermeet for stealing away his wife. He has passed on this resentment to Jhassandra and, although she more closely resembles an elf than a human, she refuses to acknowledge her elven heritage.

At 16 Jhassandra left Arylon, apprenticed by her father to Annalee Sorason, a human female bard. Little did Dareth know Annalee was a Harper.

Jhassandra traveled with Annalee for two years before they stopped in Berdusk. There, Annalee sponsored Jhassandra into the Harpers. Jhassandra successfully finished her first mission and the next three missions on which she was sent. Her acceptance into the Harpers was delayed for five years due to her resentment of her elven heritage; the Harpers feared she would lose her objectivity when dealing with elves. Finally, she was accepted as a full-fledged harper and started going on solo missions, mostly information gathering in cities and occasional woodland travel.

Jhassandra spent the next years traveling mainly by herself, and in late 1359 she arrived in Cormyr, staying in Suzail to observe the actions of Cormyr and King Azoun IV. When the Tuigan Horde Crusade began, Jhassandra followed the army to observe the actions of Cormyr and investigate a suspected alliance with the Zhentarim. During the ensuing battles she was seriously injured when her horse fell and crushed her left leg. Jhassandra was crippled; she uses a cane and is unable to walk long distances. After this injury Jhassandra returned to Berdusk and discussed with the Hall’s elders her permanent placement in Arylon.

It was at this time that she found Aerial on the streets of Berdusk and adopted Aeriel as her daughter. Jhassandra then returned to Arylon to help her father in his shop. By then her father was old and was more than happy to pass off most of his duties to Jhassandra. In 1364 her father passed away, leaving her Dareth’s Harps. Jhassandra will help any Harper in need and the Harper symbol for safe haven is incorporated into the sign of her store.

Spell book:

  • audible glamer
  • charm person
  • read magic
  • detect magic
  • magic missile
  • comprehend languages
  • alter instrument
  • sound bubble
  • silence, 15’ radius
  • hypnotic patterns
  • improved phantasmal force
  • invisibility
  • Tasha’s uncontrollable hideous laughter
  • whispering wind

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