Jadawin Brightflame (hm NG P9 (dweomerkeeper of Mystra))

NPC submission by: Jeff Bray <bray+@andrew.cmu.edu>

Stats: S:10 D:13 C:16 I:14 W:18 H:14
HP: 75
AC: 2 (plate + med shield)
Relevant NWP: etiquette, heraldry, herbalism, healing, religion, spellcraft, read/write elven, common
Magic Items: +3 hammer, ring of +1 protection, wand of fear, ring of mind shielding, crystal ball with clairaudience, necklace of disease immunity, amulet of protection
Special Abilities: standard abilities of SP9 of Mystra, spell use


Jadawin is average height and build with brown hair and eyes. He is 33 winters old and carries himself with dignity and acts with humility. When in town, he wears midnight blue robes with Mystra's symbol on the back. When expecting trouble or in the Fields of the Dead, he wears a blue cloak over plate mail. His palms constantly glow with blue-white light in the form of Mystra's symbol, due to a special use of the weaveglow ability of dweomerkeepers.

He's not much for pomp and circumstance and is more a defender of the poor and downtrodden. Past failures burn at him, and he does his utmost to atone for them when the chance arises. He is a shrewd observer and instantaneously and accurately assesses risks and courses of action. Those that witness this swear it is preternatural.

Jadawin enjoys fine wine and beer, but never drinks to excess. He loves magic, secrets, puzzles, and history. He utterly despises undead and oppressors. He is wealthy from his adventuring days, and even after a self-imposed 75% tithe, still has nearly 12,000 gp. Since he lives simply and disdains material things, (he feels that all he needs is enough to take care of expenses and maybe keep stocked with spell components and a personal altar) the gold should last for a long time.

Jadawin is the second son and third child of a Procampurian wool merchant. On a visit to Tantras, he was awed by the god-wrought destruction and even more astonished by the stories of Mystra and Tantras. He joined the clergy and rose through the dweomerkeeper ranks. He dedicated his service to the protection of innocents from abusers of magic and takes the battle to these miscreants.

Jadawin spent many seasons fighting the machinations of a Red Wizard necromancer. In these intrigues, he was involved in the elimination of many Zhentarim and the disruption of their evil plots. The constant death and killing, coupled with his failure to protect innocents, weighed heavily on his soul. (Through no fault of his, a slave caravan was blasted and all in it died.) Mystra appeared in a vision and told him to heal himself as he would now heal the Realms.

In Iriaebor, he heard of the Fields of the Dead, the wild magic and dead magic zones contained within them, and the Order of the Sphinx. He headed straightaway to Arylon. Within 3 months of his arrival, he had personally cleared some of the closest and most mobile dead and wild magic zones. As a priest of Mystra, the undead that plagued people in these areas were no real threat. He rescued several groups of people while eradicating the zones. More people, in fact, than the number of people he helped during his whole time in Aglarond and the Moonsea region. This renewed his enthusiasm, and he became well known and liked by the citizens of Arylon and members of the Silver Crescents.

When a Council seat opened, he parlayed his meteoric rise in popularity into a position as the newest councilor. He has not joined the Order of the Sphinx over personal and philosophical differences with Thadeus of Lathander. Since he has no temple duties, he finds time to make his way through the city and the Fields of the Dead, doing what he can in the name of Mystra and Arylon. He still keeps an eye out for Xvimists and Cyricists and slays all known priest of these on sight. He considers himself doing the Realms a favor by removing these foul oppressors of decent folk. The fact that he still receives his spells indicates that his actions are condoned by Mystra.

Jadawin divides his time between repairing the zones and sitting on the council. He freely roams Arylon and the Fields of the Dead and is accessible to the citizenry. The only time he is short with anyone is when there is an immediate threat. Even then, he is polite but firm.

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