Name of building: Iszarra's Tanning Parlor

Building Submission by: Darin Terwilliger

Type of building: Wooden 2 story building

Business conducted in the building: Tanning and leather working

Owner: Iszarra Isaldain, Sincia and Joseph Elgarton

Number and Types of employees:
2 employees -
Sincia Elgarton
Joseph Elgarton

Description of building:

This 2-Story wooden Building is large and nondescript. The bottom floor is mainly the display room with a workroom in the back. There is a shed and small yard behind the main building where skins are cured. The upper floor is the living quarters for all three. Iszarra treats Sincia and Joseph as family and all three share equally in the business.

Description of business:

Iszarra's Tanning Parlor produces leather goods, leather armor, studded leather, the under jerkins for other armors and saddles. Their prices are +10% of the Players Handbook. Special orders are taken but are 50% more than the listed price. However, these orders are of exceptional quality. When business is high they also purchase hides from local trappers to supplement the hides Joseph uses from the animals he hunts. And when business is slow, Joseph will hire out as a guide.


Sincia Elgarton (human female leather worker level 0) has been training as a leather worker since she was old enough to sit upon her grandfather's lap. He was a skilled leather armorer and taught Sincia to create leather armor and fashion leather goods. Sincia has a knack for making money pouches that are lined with woven bone. (-30% to Pick pockets) Threading small fragments of bone at intervals and weaving it as an inner layer between the exterior and interior pieces of leather does this.

Joseph Elgarton (Human male fighter level 1) has never been an adventurer, but he is skilled in the use of the bow and long sword. Joseph hates to take a life unless in self-defense. The only exception to this rule is hunting the deer, which he does to provide for his family. He has had to defend himself while hunting for food and skins and has been attacked by kobolds, orcs and once even by a small band of thieves. He hunts deer and small game to feed his wife Sincia. Joseph's father was a woodsman and taught him to respect the wilderness. His father was a believer in using everything. He taught Joseph how to hunt, trap and skin. He also showed Joseph how to scrape hides and treat them to make leather. Joseph never learned to craft the leather he made, but he is a good tanner.

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