Name: Iszarra Isaldain (Half-elf, female, level 0, CG. Leather worker and owner of Iszarra's Tanning Parlor)

Submitted by: Darin Terwilliger


Her human grandmother, Sharna, in Elturel, raised Iszarra. Her parents were killed by a band of orcs when she was a child. They left her a small inheritance that her grandmother kept in trust for her. She has always been a tomboy and played with the other children near the local leather worker's shop. Franklin, the owner, gave the children money in exchange for assistance around the store such as cleaning up the scraps of leather and moving furs. Iszarra kept some of the scraps and made a pair of shoes. Franklin was keeping his eyes open for an apprentice and he discovered Iszarra had talent. She became apprenticed at age sixteen.

When Iszarra was nineteen years she was a fully paid and skilled employee. Franklin began to realize she was a beautiful young woman. Even with the age difference between the two Franklin was deeply attracted to Iszarra and it was well known that Franklin was unable to hold his liquor. One day, Franklin came in drunk and tried to have his way with her. Iszarra grabbed a knife to defend herself and during the ensuing struggle, Franklin slipped and fell onto the knife. She fled to her grandmother, terrified she had killed him. After hearing her story, her grandmother gave Iszarra the inheritance that she had been keeping in trust and enough money to travel to Arylon.

The two decided upon Arylon due to it's isolated nature. Iszarra also liked the fact that it is close enough to her grandmother to allow the two to visit. In addition, due to Arylon's proximity to the nearby forest it would provide natural resources if she wished to utilize her leather working skills.

Upon reaching Arylon, Iszarra used her small inheritance to purchase a store, however, this left no money for day to day expenses. Therefore, she took on jobs at Alanna's Servant Agency and during this time she met Sincia. The two young women became great friends and combined their money and talents to refurbish the building and open Iszarra's Tanning Parlor and Leathery.

Physical Description:

Iszarra Isaldain is about 5'-7" and 150 lbs. She has long golden hair and gold-flecked green eyes. (str 7; dex 15; con 9; int 10; wis 8; cha 15; AC 7; hp 2) She is now 21 years old.

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