Name of Building: The Inn of Black Cats

Submitted by: Boa

Type of Building: Inn

Business Conducted: Rooms for rent, including food and baths

Owner: Vashna Dacor

Number and Types of Employees:
2 barmaids (Hana and Kollu, both 0 level humans)
5 chambermaids (all 0 levels)
2 bartenders (Morgat and Sho, both 0 level humans)
1 Bouncer (Kark, 5th level half ogre fighter)

Description of building:

The Inn of Black Cats lies in the northwestern part of Arylon, in a relatively normal neighborhood. The entire inn is painted jet black, which sometimes makes the building hard to find in the fog or at night, since the proprietor is too lazy to fix a flashy sign above the entrance. The only proof an outsider has that this is The Inn of Black Cats is a nondescript wooden sign above the door, painted in beige. The ground floor is mostly a lobby and dining room, while the other floors contain rooms. The top two floors also contain baths, one for men and one for women on each floor.

Description of business:

Vashna Dacor (hf 0 level LN) inherited the place from her husband, the late Captain Jordan Dacor of the Dragonspear Wars. While Vashna has no idea what she's doing, she is happy to keep her husband's dream alive. She is making a steady income, but has decided to save the money in case of emergencies instead of expanding. She has no stables, so adventurers and travelers must find a nearby stable first. She cannot afford warm baths since the well is on the first floor and the baths are on the second floor. Due to the time involved in filling the baths, dirty travelers must make due with lukewarm water.

She has hired one of her husband's old friends, the half ogre Kark as a bouncer, and he is happy to serve his old friend's wife, even if the pay isn't that great. He lives here as well, for free of course. Vashna is obsessed with her black cats, which wander around on every floor, annoying the guests as they try to eat, sleep or bathe.

Vashna also has certain rules which are to be followed at all times.

  1. Food cannot be bought without paying for a room.
  2. Guests pay in advance.
  3. All guests must wipe off their feet before entering.
  4. No noise after midnight.

Prices: 2 gp / night (included breakfast and a semi warm bath).


Name: Kark (half-ogre male, 5th lvl fighter - Myrmidon kit, LG, bouncer/bodyguard)

Kark, originally from Hluthvar, was the son of a male ogre and a female human. Kark's mother was kidnapped from her farm by Kark's father and his warriors to serve their tribe in the Sunset Mountains. However, his mother was rescued three ten days later when an adventuring company killed the ogres.

Eight months later, Kark was born. Kark's mother took care of him because it wasn't his fault that he was an unwanted child of an unwanted union. She tried for a long time to hide the fact that Kark was a half ogre, contributing his size and strength to coincidence and good food. In his late teens, however, the people of Hluthvar discovered his true race, and his mother was suddenly the subject of the town's gossip.

Kark soon moved out on his own, enlisting as a trainee with the Blacktalons Mercenary Company from Iriaebor. After three years of hard training, he was finally made a soldier, and met his commander, Captain Jordan Dacor of Arylon. The veteran fighter taught Kark all the half ogre knows about tactics and strategy, and also taught him how to behave in public and to cherish values such as honor, loyalty and etiquette.

In 1363 DR - when the Dragonspear Wars began, Kark was Cpt. Dacor's sergeant, and fought both valiantly and well. Unfortunately, Kark could not protect his commander when Dacor fell beneath a demon's sword.

Kark had to return to Arylon to tell Vashna about her husband's demise, and promised to help her as much as he could. After a period of grieving, Vashna took over the inn and hired Kark as bouncer and bodyguard. Kark has little work to do, and longs for action and some real fighting, even though his loyalty to Vashna prevents him from rejoining the Blacktalons or going adventuring on his own.

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