Names: Hondo and Santo (hem, F2, NG) (both)

Submitted By: Jade Williams

Hondo and Santo are trainers at Chalice's Balanced Sword and brothers from a long line of half-elves. They were born near Illefarn; their parents were part of a large caravan traveling the Sword Coast. They grew up on the move without knowing a single place to call home. They possess more elven characteristics than human; both have pale skin, pointed ears, brown eyes, and light brown hair (with Hondo's being noticeably darker than Santo's). Standing a thin 5'7", they seem to be of moon elf descent but consider themselves true 'people'. They hate to be referred to as half-elves and it is a mistake to call them one to their face. Hondo is oldest, being one year and seven days older than Santo, but they are as twin-like as you could get two brothers. There was almost no rivalry between them when they were young and they always banded together against the other kids. They quickly became proficient fighters, learning the art of teamwork and stealth. In no time at all, they became the caravan's outriders and scouts. They also learned half-elves are not considered part of human nor elven society. Reactions to them ranged from open hostility, to acceptance, but they never felt at home. Even when in Waterdeep, an accepting and open city to all races, they felt lost because of its enormous size.

This changed when they came to Arylon with a half-elven, gypsy-like caravan. They discovered Arylon was also an accepting and open city as Waterdeep. Only, it possessed a sense of community rather than inspiring feelings of insignificance. Many in the caravan remained to create a home for themselves. When speaking to outsiders, they refer to themselves as descendants of great elves or humans, appearing to be part of several large families; but among themselves, they see each other as friends.

Hondo and Santo found Chalice to be very open and undiscriminating of their half-elven heritage. They enjoy their job and view it as a way of giving a few bruises back to the world that spurned them for so long. Since they work their frustrations out at the Balanced Sword during the day, they are laid back at night. They enjoy a good beer (though Santo has discovered a taste for elven wine when he can get it) with a hot meal at one of the inns, listening to a bard, or dancing and flirting with the ladies.

The brothers live in a small house near the edge of town, close to the other half-elves. Hondo owns a rapier +1, chain mail, and a ring of Projection that allows him to hurl any physical object he can normally throw (see FOR4). Santo owns a Long sword +1, chain mail, and a ring of protection +1. Their mother can tell them apart instantly and has a habit of calling them her 'big' and 'little' boys (especially in public). This annoys them, as they try to give off a 'hard as stone' image.

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