Name of Building: The Halls of Harmony and Cheer

Submitted by: Jade Williams <>

Type of Building: Three-story Wood and Stone structure

Business: Bard's College

Owner: Galdarion "Heartbreaker" Rofocale

Number and Types of Employees:

  • Shulla (hm, 0-level scribe, N, training to be a bard)
  • Tanya Glory (hf, B3, NG)
  • Windsong (travelling bard)

Description of Building:

The Bard's College of Arylon is a recent addition to the city, commissioned after the success of New Olamn in Waterdeep became apparent. There have been a number of bards in the city, both residents and transient adventurers, but they didn't have a central organization, until Galdarion appeared. He purchased a large building on the outskirts of the city, and dedicated it as a song hall. Since then, he has enlarged many of the rooms to improve acoustics, and added a third floor to serve as a library for songs and stories.

The building is an impressive structure. The stone walls have been covered with a gray slate facade, and carved wooden frames are fitted around the windows and doors. The third floor is constructed of a duskwood with two windows on each side. Apart from the window frames the exterior is free of carvings and other details.

Inside, the ground floor contains a large hall and office. The hall is acoustically designed around the stage located at the back of the hall. Behind the stage is the office, where business and paperwork is done by either Galdarion or Shulla. The second floor contains several smaller rooms. Three bedrooms are here- one for Galdarion, and two for use by any member (for up to 5 days). There are also study rooms, and the offices where Galdarion and Tanya Glory are setting up the guild of musicians.

The third floor is a large room full of shelves with narrow rows between the bookcases. Here, copies all of the songs and stories made or learned by the members are being kept. Each scroll or book is bound with a ribbon bearing Milil's sigil along with the name of the composer/author and the member who brought it here. While no magic is actually on the ribbon, rumors have been spread that a curse will befall anyone opening one without proper permission.

Description of Business:

Galdarion has set up The Halls of Harmony and Cheer to regulate the bards that perform in the city. Membership in the guild results in several benefits:

  • access to the guild library (for a small fee)
  • money for donating lore to the library
  • reduced fees for training and materials
  • improved chances of getting a venue in a tavern or hall

It also aims to guarantee a quality service to the tavern owners, and provide appropriate people for private parties and social functions. He recruited Tanya to create an instrument-maker's guild. She works in consultation with the bards, thereby ensuring the quality of the products. Galdarion is in contact with New Olamn in Waterdeep, and the libraries in Silverymoon via a travelling bard known as 'Windsong'. He hopes to set up a trade of information when his library gets fuller.

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