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Name of building: Halfling Emporium

Submitted by: Eric Poling

Type of building: Sprawling single-story timber and stone structure

Business conducted in the building: General Mercantile

Owner: Talla Wiggleton

Number and Types of employees:
2 Assistants
Milo, Talla's son
Enya, Talla's daughter

Description of building:

The Halfling Emporium is a sprawling timber and stone structure that Talla bought from the former shopkeeper, who left to become an adventurer.

A large front room is the shop area. There is a basement level with an entry behind the main counter and another to the right side of the building. This is used for storing the excess goods and receiving items ordered by Talla's customers from Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog.

The remainder of the building has been converted to a cozy home suitable for a family of halflings.

Description of business:

The Halfling Emporium stocks a wide variety of goods at average prices. There is a small selection of ready-made clothing and some food products, mostly non-perishables, with a specialty item of sausage candy produced by Talla's brother in Sembia. Talla may buy some odd items from adventurers from time to time, but prefers to stick with tried and true items from her standard suppliers.

The Halfling Emporium chain also has an arrangement with Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog. Aurora's pays Talla a flat fee of 10 GP/month and a 5% to 8% commission on each sale (depending on the item), and uses the store as an outreach office. Talla's emporium gets a nice catalog counter and the catalog is prominently displayed in the window. The orders are sent and received once each tenday in a manner much like they are received in the official Aurora's stores. Talla and Enya make an additional small profit by charging 2 CP for assisting in filling out orders for those who cannot read or write. When the orders are received, Milo will deliver them within Arylon for a fee of 2% of the cost of the order, with a minimum charge of 2 CP.

This line of shops has one special magic item generally available, the "Never-Ending Ball of String", and Talla is almost obsessive about selling them. This appears to be a 50' ball of ordinary string, but as long as the roll is put away with more than 1' of string left and not used for 4 hours it will replenish itself. This string is ordinary in every other way. If all of the string is used (for instance, to navigate through a maze), a new ball will have to be purchased from one of the Halfling Emporium stores.


Name: Talla Wiggleton (half-f, 0 lvl, NG, shopkeeper)


Talla Wiggleton owns the Arylon branch of the Halfling Emporium, a small but growing chain of general merchandise shops springing up across Faerun. She is widowed, with a son and daughter who live with her and help run the shop. She settled here recently, moving from her home in Sembia soon after her husband died. He, a baker, choked to death on a rather large piece of cake. Talla's brother (Bron Smallburrow), a butcher, resides in Southern Sembia, close to her sister (Anthea Smallburrow), who owns another store in the Halflings Emporium chain. Talla learned of the opportunities to be had here and felt that it would be a good change for herself and her family to move to Arylon. She also wanted to increase the spread of the family business.

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