Name of building: Haberlan's Farm

Submitted by: Frank Huebner

Type of buildings: several houses and stables made of stone and/or wood

Business conducted in the building: Farm; produces grain, fruits, vegetables, meat, wool

Owner: Eltaril Haberlan

Number and Types of persons:
The Haberlan family
- Eltaril Haberlan: the 48 year old owner who inherited the farm from his father.
- Anastia: a 62 years old women with thin gray hair and Eltaril's mother. Her cherry cake is renown throughout the neighboring farms.
- Inister: Eltaril youngest son who is 24 and helps his father at the farm. He stands to inherit the farm on his father's death.
- Shanila: Inister's 23 year old wife who manages the household.
- Alani: the three year old daughter of Shanila and Inister. A happy child.
- Rulph: the son of Eltaril's younger brother. He is a 16 year old boy who is interested in agriculture and learning more about farming in order to run a farm of his own. He is very skilled with the longbow and can often be found hunting rabbits and birds across the farm.
Unskilled workers (12-13) for help with farming chores.
- A maid for help in the household. Her duties include cooking, cleaning the 'guest' house, the hands' house, washing the clothes of the hired hands and helping in feeding and caring for the animals.
Other members of the Haberlan family who are guests several times a year.
- Burigon Alamander Haberlan: the middle son of Eltaril.
- Elissa Winter: the only living daughter of Eltaril. She moved into the city of Arylon some years ago to marry a tailor. They often come to get fresh fruits, meat and eggs.
- Narath: Eltaril's younger brother. He lives with the rest of his family in Arylon. He, his wife and children visit often.

Description of buildings:

The main house: This is a two story house constructed mostly out of wood with a stone foundation. Beneath the house is the root and wine cellar.

The farmhands' house: This is a large, one story wood and stone building that houses the farm hands.

The "guest" house: This house is also made of wood with a stone foundation, but only one floor.

The stable 1: This wooden building houses a dozen pigs, chicken and ducks during the night or when the weather is bad. During the day, they are out in a fenced pasture.

The stable 2: This wooden building houses the 27 sheep during the winter. In spring the sheep join the larger herd of Tamadir "the shepherd". He takes the sheep to pasture at the border of the Fields of the Dead. All Haberlan sheep have blue dots in their ears to mark them as belonging to the Haberlan farm. They normally return in late autumn. Also, the cow and the trek ox reside in this stable throughout the year.

The shed: In this wooden building is storage for the agricultural tools. It is also the tool repair shop.

The storehouse: This is storage for straw, grass and fodder for the animals during the winter.

The Well: In the yard and remains filled with water even in very dry seasons.

Description of business:

The main goal of Haberlan's farm is to provide the family with food throughout the year. Excess food is sold in one of Arylon's markets. Eltaril goes to market twice a week to sell fruits, vegetables and eggs. In autumn he has additional things to offer: grain, wool, feathers and fresh meat from pigs. A normal day on Haberlan's farm is like any day on any farm. The men work the field, the women manage the household and care for the livestock. During planting and harvest seasons, unskilled workers and a maid are hired to help the family. Sometimes travelers ask for a place to sleep at night. When the "guest" house is free, Eltaril lets them stay there for a silver for four days. Otherwise they may sleep in the sheep stable. If the guest stays longer they are expected to help on the farm.


In 1329 DR, the young Orano Haberlan traveled the Chionthar from Elturel to the Sword Coast. He came upon a girl in the river drowning. Orano jumped into the river and rescued the girl. He learned later she was the daughter of Tolbo Copperhead, a wealthy noble from Elturel named after his flame-red hair.

Tolbo gave him a paper as a reward which allowed him to find a piece of land and buy it with the financial help of the noble man. After a short time he came to Arylon and purchased a small farm 2 miles northeast of the city. He, his wife, Anastia, and his two sons, Eltaril and Narath, settled down. With the help of the neighbors they quickly learned how to farm and make a rich harvest. The farm grew and prospered. Haberlan's farm is now one of the wealthiest around (though Eltaril wouldn't call himself rich).

The wedding of Eltaril and Ylvie in 1341 DR was the first great harvest feast in Arylon's Tail. A year later, their first child, Elissa, was born. Two years later Burigon was born and in 1347 Inister followed. In 1350 DR, a tragedy occurred at the birth of their fourth child. The mother and daughter took ill and died two days later. After a two month period of mourning, life on farm became normal.

In 1356 DR Orano Haberlan died and his eldest son Eltaril took over the farm. Although he and his brother had a good relationship, Narath left the farm and went to Arylon to become a barber. Three years later in the 1359, Elissa left the farm to wed a tailor from the city Arylon, who she had met at the marketplace. Inister married Shanila in the beginning of 1367 and a great feast was held. The celebration is still remembered. That same year Inister's first child, Alani, was born. Two years ago Rulph the son of Narath came to learn about farming. He has become a great help to his uncle, Eltaril.

Interaction with the neighborhood:

Haberlan's farm is a part of a greater community known as Arylon's Tail. The people here help each other. They built an irrigation system to water the fields in dry times. They also helped to build the Grandsis' mill, the "Red Iron Smithy" of Tolder and some other useful buildings. They band together to protect the farms against bandits and other intruders. The harvest feast is well known among the farmers of Arylon's Tail. It will be held at Haberlan's Farm this year.

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