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Name of Building: The Green Leaf Tavern and Inn

Submitted by: Kimberly Moser <>

Type of Building: A three-story wood and stone building.

Business Conducted: Large Inn/Tavern

Owner: Shandaria Mistmere

Number and Type of Employees:
2 Barkeeps
Bumble Stumblefoot (0-lvl halfling male)
Dakin Drim (0-lvl hm)
6 Serving Girls
Ahlissa and Narissa (both 0-lvl hf)
Karen (1-lvl thief hf)
Tara (0-lvl thief hf)
Philomel Arvanan (0-lvl ef)
Megan (0-lvl hef)
1 Chef
Kielaylan Arvanan (3rd lvl mage, em)
2 Assistant Chefs
Tyrel (0-lvl hm)
Korbin (0-lvl hm)
4 Chambermaids
Anna (3rd lvl thief hf)
Sara, Michelle and Teresa (0-lvl hf sisters)
1 Groom
Gavin (2nd lvl fighter hm)
2 Stableboys
Corky (0-lvl hm) Karl (0-lvl hm)

Description of Building:

The Green Leaf Tavern and Inn is a three-story building. The lower two floors are constructed from stone and the third floor is built of wood. The Green Leaf has its own compound. Within the compound is the main building, a large stable with a loft, a smaller barracks style building (home for some of the staff), a smokehouse and outdoor grills.

The Green Leaf is an odd shaped building. (If you would like a map, please E-mail me at <>) The main floor has two bars, a kitchen, two private dining rooms and two common rooms as well as two privies, one for each sex. The second floor has two private suites complete with balconies, four double occupancy rooms, an "Adventurer's Party" room and one joint privy. The third floor of the Inn has four double occupancy rooms, one single occupancy room, two "Adventurer's Party" rooms and Kielaylan's room complete with a balcony.

Each room is decorated with certain types of patrons in mind. The single room is themed for the learned customer. The room has a single small bed, chest, writing desk and a bookshelf.

The double rooms are usually rented by merchants or travelers. Four of these rooms have a large double bed, wardrobe, bed table and a chest. The remaining four double rooms have two single beds, two chests and a small table with two comfortable chairs. The Greenleaf depends on the occupancy of these eight rooms. They are moderately priced as to challenge competition.

The 'Adventurer's Party' rooms are the only rooms priced per person. They contain three bunk beds, three large sturdy chests and a medium table with four chairs. The Green Leaf pays particular attention to the lucrative adventuring industry. The beds are comfortable and the rooms are quiet and secure.

The Green Leaf also boasts two private suites. Each suite has a bedchamber and a living/private dining area. The bedchamber is comfortably furnished with a feather bed, wardrobe, writing desk and a large chest. The living/dining area contains a small table with two chairs, an overstuffed settee, and two bookcases. The suites have adjoining balconies.

The Green Leaf has a large basement. The main section has three areas: wine cellar, storage, and root cellar. A private meeting hall for Shandaria and her associates is located behind a hidden door. Shandaria has commissioned various protections for this chamber to prevent mundane or magical intrusions, such as Teleportation, Scrying, Passwall, and psionics. The current Council of Arylon is aware of this location and is freely invited to use it for their own purposes.

Description of Business:

The Green Leaf is a moderately priced inn and tavern. The quality of the Green Leaf far surpasses its pricing. Food and drink are served in the two bars/dining halls. The second and third floors contain rooms for rent.

Stabling is also another plus for the patrons of the Green Leaf. The three interior privies have running water. The second floor privy has a separate partition enclosing a magical tub. (It combines a decanter of endless water with a heat water spell of Kielaylan's devising. The tub has the following commands: Fill Hot, Fill Warm, Fill Cold and Empty.)

The lower floor is tiled in emerald and ivory tinted slates. The walls are whitewashed and adorned with murals and tapestries. Each table in the common area has a glowglobe for lighting. Each glowglobe has a hood for controlling the amount of light each diner wishes to have (The glowglobes are continual light globes set in brackets with a moveable shield. They are about six inches in diameter.). Bards are welcome to ply their trade and are paid by the establishment. Thieves are discouraged. If caught, they are immediately turned over to the Silver Crescents.

The second and third floors are comfortably furnished, nothing extravagant. All room accoutrements were chosen for comfort and utility rather than richness or elegance. The Green Leaf tries to convey a homey atmosphere for its patrons. All races are accommodated, and none are turned away.

Prices: Per Night / Per Tenday / Per Month

Private Suite: 1gp / 7gp / 20gp (With Meals and stabling: 2gp / 13gp / 33gp)
Single Room: 7sp / 5gp / 13gp (With Meals and stabling: 1gp / 9gp / 22gp)
Double Room: 5sp / 4gp / 10gp (With Meals and stabling: 8sp / 7gp / 18gp)
'Adventurer's Party Room': 1sp / 1gp / 4gp (With Meals and stabling: 2sp / 2gp / 8gp)
Stabling: 5sp / 4gp / 10 gp (Includes feed, water, grooming and exercise.)
Private Dining Room: Varies with size of party and desired meal.
Drinks: Vary in Price (see menu)
Meals: Vary in Price (see menu)


Wines: Tall Glass/Bottle
Arabellan Dry 1sp / 1gp
Berduskan Dark 1gp / 12gp
Blood Wine 1sp / 1gp
Elverquisst 4gp / 20gp
Firewine 1gp / 9gp
Kaorph 1sp / 1gp
Mead 3cp / 1sp
Spiced Wine 5cp / 15cp
Table Wine
White 3cp / 1sp
Red 3cp / 1sp
Winter Wine 5sp / 2gp

Ales and Beers: Tankard/Hand Keg
Beer 1cp / 4cp
Bitter Black 6cp / 3sp
Golden Sands Brews 4cp / 2sp
Iriaeboran North Brew 1cp / 9cp
Cream Ale 5cp / 15cp
Ale 1cp / 4cp
Stout 2cp / 8cp

Liquors: glass/bottle
Zzar 6cp / 1sp
Whiskey 1sp / 1gp
Sherry 7cp / 1sp
Fruit Liquors (apricot, cherry, gooseberry, peach and pear) 4cp / 1sp
Almond Brandy 6cp / 1sp


Meats: Ala Cart / Platter (includes bread & cheese)
Bacon 3cp / 6cp
Chicken 4cp / 7cp
Duck 5cp / 8cp
Goat 1sp / 3cp
Goose 5cp / 8cp
Herring 4cp / 7cp
Pheasant 5cp / 8cp
Pork 1sp / 3cp
Quail 4cp / 7sp
Rabbit 4cp / 7sp
Squirrel 2cp / 5cp
Veal 2sp / 3cp
Venison 2sp 3cp

Bowl/Pie w/fresh bread & mild cheese
Stew 3cp / 6cp
Soup (veggie) 2cp / 5cp
Soup (Meat) 5cp / 8cp
Pasty 1cp / 4cp
Shepherd's Pie 1cp / 4cp
Vegetable Plate 3cp / 6cp
Daily Special 5sp

Bread: Loaf
Blackbread 3sp
Crackers 3cp/10crackers
Elven Bread 2gp
Sourdough 7sp
Common (Fresh baked) 3cp
day old 1cp

Cheese: Handwheel
Death Cheese 5gp
Elturian Grey 6sp
Farmer's Cheese 3sp
Green Calishite 4sp
Mist Cheese 2gp
Turmish Brick 4sp
Mild 2cp
Medium 4cp
Sharp 6cp
Waterdhavian 4sp

Fresh Fruit Pie 4cp/slice or 2sp/pie
Tarts 4cp
'City in the Clouds' 1sp
Sweet Bread 5cp
Candied Fruit 1sp
Iced Fruit 3sp

NPC's for the Greenleaf Tavern and Inn:

Bumble Stumblefoot (0-level halfling male), Barkeep for the Green Leaf. Bumble has worked in the Green Leaf since it opened. He stands 3-feet tall. He has brown hair and green eyes and works the bar in the main taproom. The bar floor is raised to allow Bumble access to the customers without making them lean over the counter.

Dakin Drim (0-level human male) is a new addition to the Green Leaf. Dakin is a dusky-skinned human male. He stands at an even six-feet and has black hair and blue eyes. Dakin is a connoisseur of fine wines and liquors. Shandaria met him while traveling in Amn. Dakin has contacts with merchants from the lands of Tethyr, Amn, and Calimshan, which he uses in a number of ways, all of which benefit Shandaria and Arylon.

Ahlissa and Narissa (0-level human females) are twin girls. They are sixteen years old, have golden curls and eyes so blue as to melt a man's heart. Shandaria discovered the two foundlings in the midst of the ruins of a decimated caravan. She brought the twins to Arylon and raised them as her wards. This was seven years ago, and now the two young women are buxom beauties. They are lighthearted and enjoy teasing the male patrons of the Green Leaf.

Karen and Tara are thieves. (Karen is a first level human female and Tara is a 0-level human female.) Both of these women were caught when they tried running an unsuccessful con on Shandaria. Shandaria gave them a choice. They could either a) come work and learn from her or b) they could spend the rest of their lives in jail. They decided that living and learning while free was the best thing they could do. Karen is 36, 5' 10" and raven-haired. Tara is 22, 5' and has blazing red curls.

Philomel Arvanan (0-level ef) is Kielaylan's sister. Philomel has the true ephemeral beauty of the elves. She has flowing silver-white hair and delicate emerald green eyes. Philomel is also a mute. Shandaria helped Kielaylan rescue his sister from an incantatrix. Philomel did not escape undamaged. Her vocal chords were slashed and her tongue was burned out. Shandaria loves Philomel as a sister and Philomel's pain has become her own. The incantatrix escaped, but all three have sworn that she will find justice at their hands.

Kielaylan Arvanan (3rd-level mage em) is a longtime friend of Shandaria's. Kielaylan is a moon elf. He keeps his hair in a tight braid and stuffed down his shirt. He helped Shandaria open the Green Leaf and is acting manager of the Inn. Kielaylan is an expert cook and gourmand. He delights the patrons of the Green Leaf with a new recipe every week.

Megan (0-level hef) is a newly hired serving girl. Shandaria knows little about this young half-elf and is wary of trusting her. Shandaria only hired Megan at Bumble's request. Megan isn't a threat. She is simply shy and reserved. Bumble has a crush on the young woman. Megan is thirty- two, 4'-9", golden haired and has brown doe-like eyes.

Tyrel and Korbin (0-level human males) are Kielaylin's assistants in the kitchen. Both are learning the art of cuisine from Kielaylan as well as about managing an Inn. Tyrel is 19, has brown hair and brown eyes. He is brilliant with creating a sauce for any meat and most vegetables. Korbin is 23, and has brown hair and eyes. Korbin is a master of pastries. (Obvious when one looks at him, he is 230 pounds and quite jolly.) Korbin is acclaimed throughout Arylon for his dessert called, "City in the Clouds."

Anna (3rd-level thief hf) is one of Shandaria's spies. Anna is a petite young woman with brown hair and hazel eyes. She keeps tabs on all the inn's customers, their comings and goings, and business within Arylon. As a maidservant in the Green Leaf, she has access to the customer's rooms. Anna is not a thief in the typical regard. She is a master forger and has a photographic memory. She loves working for Shandaria and would never betray her.

Sara, Michelle and Teresa (0-level human females) are sisters. Shandaria approached all three with an offer of employment after she discovered them foraging in the trash heap in back of the Inn. The three young women are unassuming and very grateful to their benefactress.

Gavin Meadowtree (2nd-level fighter hm) serves as the Green Leaf's Groom and Stable master. Gavin has always wanted to be a Ranger, and he even has that special repertoire with animals. Unfortunately, Gavin is afraid of the wilderness. Shandaria found Gavin hiding in a tree. He had been there for three days after he was chased, or so he says, by a huge black bear.

Corky and Karl (0-level human males) are Gavin's younger brothers. Corky is 17 and Karl is 14. These boys came to live with Gavin after their parents died. Gavin asked Shandaria if she would mind if he hired them as stableboys. So far, the arrangement is working well.

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