Name: Genea Delveright (Human, 0-level, female, NG, businesswoman. Owner of Delveright Advisors and Consultants.)

Submitted by: Andrew Crossett

Stats: STR: 7; INT: 15; WIS: 13; DEX: 9; CON: 10; CHA: 14
NWP: etiquette, appraising, reading/writing (Common), reading/writing (Thorass); speaks Common, Thorass, and a smattering of Sprite.
Magic: Though she has no fighting skills, Genea is well protected from her family's rivals and enemies. She bears a stoneskin spell with 4 uses remaining, and she wears a magical gold ring that turns red within 1 foot of poison and will teleport her directly to Delveright Manor if she ever speaks a command word, suffers more than 2 hit points of damage (she has 5), or is rendered unconscious. This ring was created centuries ago by one of her Spulzeer ancestors. It has been worn by every proprietor of the Delveright business since the family moved to Arylon. Finally, Genea is protected always by her sprite companion, Rose-Thorn (see separate entry).


Genea is very tall (over 6 feet) and slender, but displays ladylike grace at all times due to her years of training at an Amnian boarding school. She has fair, clear skin, green eyes, and shoulder length honey-blonde hair which she wears in a variety of styles. Genea is usually to be found wearing beautiful but conservative dresses, her favorite colors being black and navy blue. She is widely considered to be striking, if not beautiful. Genea speaks with clear, precise diction and an unmistakable Amnian accent (another product of her years at school).


Genea Delveright was born in the Year of the Boot (1343 DR). Her father, Samehl, was the only child of Lord Holger Delveright. Her mother, Elspeth Dannihyr, was a member of one of Amn's richest and most enemy-plagued houses. At the age of 12, Genea was sent to Goldengates Chapels, a very exclusive boarding school for girls in Athkatla run by the clergy of Waukeen. There she remained for five years, learning all the things a well-bred Amnian merchant princess should know, until a terrible tragedy called her home.

While on their way home from a holiday at Lake Esmel, Samehl and Elspeth were attacked by brigands, who apparently had confederates within the couple's own bodyguard. After all their loyal guards were killed, the two were tied back to back, then hanged by a single noose around both their necks. The identities of the killers could not be found.

Lord Holger's sanity was affected by the terrible event. His behavior became increasingly erratic, and it was soon obvious that he could no longer manage the operations of the family business. At the young age of 17 - unprepared, uncertain, and nearly mad with grief and loneliness - Genea had to take over the day-to-day operations of the Delveright concern, rather than see the family reduced to poverty as rivals took over all the business.

Genea found herself with a badly-needed friend in Rose-Thorn, a female sprite who had been her mother's greatest confidant and friend. Taking pity on the friendless Genea, and feeling guilty for failing to save Elspeth (she had been left behind in Arylon, and couldn't have done anything anyway), Rose-Thorn willingly offered her services and friendship.

Bolstered by Rose-Thorn's help and that of some of her competent (but self-interested) relatives, Genea eventually flourished in her role. Now, ten years later, the business is as successful as it has ever been, and Genea is an admired pillar of Arylon society ... or would be, if she weren't so shy about dealing with other people in anything other than a business setting.


Genea runs the family business from her luxurious townhouse in the Inner District, which serves her as both home and office. As often as not, she can be found out and about, mingling with her clientele at various gathering places around the city, always ready to do business. Rose-Thorn is always close at hand, using her powers to determine the good or evil intents of potential customers, and ever ready to put a sleep-poisoned arrow into anyone who dares to threaten her companion.

Genea goes out to Delveright Manor about once a month, to visit her half-lucid grandfather and to pay the family servants and men-at-arms. Genea dislikes these trips, but Rose-Thorn loves them because she gets to spend time in the Manor's gorgeous gardens, groves and arbors.

Although she is unfailingly assertive, confident, and even wily when doing business, Genea is quite reserved and shy in social settings. She spends most of her time at parties blushing at the attempts of various young men to court her. She is a virgin at 27, but Rose-Thorn is surreptitiously trying to find a good match for her (which would embarrass Genea terribly, if she knew).

Genea is, of course, extremely rich (no one knows for sure exactly how rich). There are also several hundred adventurers in the area who owe her favors and/or money for services rendered. It's said, probably correctly, that Genea could stand on any street corner in Arylon, clap her hands, and have adventurers and citizens at her back in a minute's time, all of them eager to work off their debts by thrashing whomever Lady Delveright points at. Because of her many resources and her obvious ability to protect herself against treachery and intrigue, the young Genea is viewed with respect by the other powerful people in the city.

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