Name: Geena Whistflow (hf, NG, 12th lvl Morninglord of Lathander, High Priestess of the House of Dawn)

Submitted by: Tim Haney


Geena came to the temple of Lathander as a young woman in her early twenties. She was a dock worker's young bride seeking solace after her husband drowned in a dock accident. She was shocked when her whole life just crumbled around her. Since she had no other living family in Arylon, she wandered the streets for weeks in a near daze. She was found sleeping in the chapel one morning by the Lanthanderian priests. She remained despondent to what was happening around her and the priests felt it their duty to see after the lost woman Lathander had brought to them. Through their help and ministrations to her soul, Geena realized a new life could be hers and entered the clergy as an Awakened. It was a way to deal with her painful loss and she felt they needed her when no one else did. It was after she realized that working in the church had given her new life that her faith materialized and she wanted to share that spirit of rebirth. Believing the Lathanderian faith to be one of rebirth, she quickly sought to help others who were lost. The desolate and forgotten people of Arylon became her source of strength and purpose. Geena worked continuously to teach others that Lathandar brought a chance to begin their lives anew. The more people she brought into the faith, the more responsibilities she was given and she rose through the ranks of the clergy easily enough.

Geena was rarely in the temple, instead, she was among the poor in the back alleys and sewers. Although many of her fellow priests worried for her safety, Geena wouldn't listen. She believed that Lathander's gift of a new beginning should be shared with those who needed hope the most. She was determined that if the people were starving and she had no food to give, she could at least give them love and compassion. Often, she would bring the poor before the Council to remind them of the suffering and neglected in the city. During the Time of Troubles, many say Geena was what kept the city from rioting. Although lost without the nearness of her god, Geena drew on her inner strength to calm others who were hysterical and frightened because she believed that Lathander would return to them. As the temples in the city burned, Geena was seen running and helping where she could. People still talk of how she wiped away their fears and pain as if she still possessed the healing gift of Lathander. A ray of sunlight in her yellow robes, she caressed away tears and hugged away brokens heart. People remarked that she healed the city with her heart. Geena was named high priestess of the temple to be built on the ashes of the old one. She worked with Kaire to raise the money for the temple's construction by calling on the nobles of the city. Although she never attended one of the many gatherings of the rich, Geena had Edijan and Kaire see that a fundraising event for the House of Dawn was held.

At over fifty summers, Geena still champions the poor and forgotten. Neither has she lost her outspoken manner, nor has her will lessened. She is determined that one day no child will die of hunger in the city, or that another wife will be cast to the streets as she was; alone, unskilled, and with no place to go. She teaches that Lathander, the Morninglord, is the healer of old wounds and the path to new tomorrows. Geena often appears in robes of yellow trimmed in red and, of course, smudges of dirt from those she helps. Her face is lined and her gray eyes red from long hours. Though her age has lessen her gait, she remains a vital person. She always has a warm smile for those around her, though one would expect her to find little to smile about. Her hair remains a rich blonde though streaks of white can be seen. Geena can usually be found in the House of Dawn during the morning worship and odd hours throughout the day, but she prefers to be out amongst the people of the city. In the end, she knows that a strong church is more important for the people of Arylon. Since she is realizing her age and knows she will not be able to continue her work much longer, she delegates what duties she can to others. In this way, she hopes the church will continue her work without her. Deryn, one of the younger priests, has started helping Geena with her work in the poor districts of the city.

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