Name: Galdarion "Heartbreaker" Rofocale (em, B9, NG, Bard/ Tutor). Owner of The Halls of Harmony and Cheer

Submitted By: Jade Williams <>

Important Stats: Dex:17 Wis:16 Cha:17.

Magic items: Elven chain mail +2, "Deflector" - silver long sword +2


Galdarion is a moon-elf of staggering beauty and grace. He stands 6' tall, and possesses a charm and warmth that quickly endears him to most people. His delicate elven features and flashing smile have won many a heart in his long life. His many years of traveling and adventuring have introduced him to many different cultures, and he is able to get along well with people of all races. As a performer, he can gauge his attitude and songs to achieve the best effect with his audience. He carries himself with style, and his clothes are always finely tailored. He is quick with a song, story or witty phrase for most occasions. His long years have moulded him into a capable fighter, master performer, and talented composer. He prefers light greens and greys for his clothes, cut in classic elven styles. He also wears enchanted elven chain mail, and carries a magical silver long sword. He always carries his favourite instruments, a harp and an elven flute, although he can play many others with great skill. His long grey hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail and held with a pin in the shape of Milil's symbol.


Galdarion was born in a small elven community in the Border Forest. While he was still a small child his village was attacked one night by an orc tribe. The orcs were concealed by the magic of a Banite priest who was looking for the magical armour rumoured to be owned by the village elder. A young farmer saw the horde as they massed at the edge of the forest. By the time he made his way to the scene, the village was in flames and the elves had been put to the sword. As he crept away, the farmer almost tripped over an elven child lying partially concealed by a tree root. He took the child and fled back to his farm.

Not knowing of any elves nearby, indeed he didn't even know there were any in this forest, the farmer and his wife decided to keep the orphan. They named him Galdarion, and raised him as best they could. The couple had only one other child, a daughter they named Shanna. She was born many years after Galdarion was found, when his adopted mother was late into her child-bearing years.

While Galdarion was still in his adolescence his father died of old age. On the day the old farmer died, Galdarion's mother told him the story of how he was found. The repressed memories of his elven parents came back to Galdarion filling him with grief. He left his mother and sister to exact a belated vengeance on the orcs who had killed his people, but his inexperience led to his capture by one of the many orc tribes in the area. He was rescued by Shanna, and some members of the local militia who had been trying to clean out the orc infestation in the area. He joined their band, and fell in love with Shanna. For the next 40 years they worked on the farm, served in the militia occasionally, and raised six children.

After Shanna died an old woman, Galdarion was again stricken by grief. After a period of mourning he left the farm which held so many sad memories in the hands of his youngest son and traveled widely throughout the Dalelands and Cormyr. He met other elves for the first time, and eagerly went with them to their home in the settlement of Elventree. He hoped to regain the elven heritage that had been taken from him when he was a child.

He had spent his life with humans, however, and was not prepared for the slow pace of life the elves led. He longed to learn about elven history and culture, but their teaching methods, although thorough, were plodding, and he soon grew restless. His tutor saw this and took the unorthodox approach of preparing Galdarion for the life of a bard. He saw great potential in Galdarion, and recruited the best fighter, mage and loremaster in the community to give him a small base in the skills he would need. He taught Galdarion to play an instrument, and as much about elven history and culture as he could. The rest Galdarion would have to learn on the road.

Galdarion took his human attitude and his elven lifespan, and set out to learn about his people, both elf and human. He journeyed with many human and elven adventurers, his unique outlook on life allowed him to relate to short-lived humans as easily as to long-lived elves.

During his early adventuring career he became a determined and slightly obsessive freedom fighter. His songs were an inspiration to the forces of good, and with his sword and magic he aided various adventuring bands to accomplish the downfall of no less than seven temples of Bane, and the harassment of orcs in many lands.

After one hundred years, his anger finally subsided, and he turned from an avenger of his family into an introspective, self assured man with a golden voice. He spent the next fifty years studying all of the songs and stories he had collected. To add to his knowledge of the histories and cultures of the races, he toured the cities of the Realms, learning more about the people.

He saw his human friends passing away, and although he knew this was the fate of all humans, he still mourned for them. Motivated by both the desire to avoid the pain of losing a lover, and by the desire for new and varied experiences, he became something of a rake, moving from one lover to the next with a carefully cultivated aloofness. He gained the 'heartbreaker' tag from several of his wild night-time exploits in the major cities, where he became known for seducing single ladies, usually adventurers, after his performances.

He soon tired of that life, and moved on to find something new. He came to Waterdeep, and witnessed the founding of New Olamn, the bards' college. He saw in that building a new direction for his life, and a way to bring the bards of the Realms together to share their knowledge. Instead of the active life of the wanderer, he had a desire to try the sedentary life of a teacher; and he looked forward to creating a legacy that would be more stable and endure longer than his previous endeavours. He applied for and was given a teaching job at New Olamm.

He met up with an old adventuring friend-- the traveling bard, Windsong- as he was taking some papers to Silverymoon for an exchange between New Olamm and the Vault of Sages. Windsong suggested he start a new college, making it in his own image, rather than trying to follow an established pattern, as he had always done before in his life.

While in Silverymoon they did some research in the Vault of Sages, looking through maps and travelogues, and Galdarion finally decided on Arylon as a base for his new college. It was a relatively new city, with a large number of festhalls, inns, taverns, and other performance opportunities. It also had a number of independent bards, but they had no central organisation. Near the centre of the Heartlands, it would have access to the other areas of the Realms, but wasn't easily accessible, so it wouldn't suddenly be swamped with trade or adventurers while it was still starting out.

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