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Name of Building: The Friend to the Merchant House

Type of Building: ruined temple

Business conducted in the building: none

High Priest: None

Number of minor priests: 0

Description of building:

The Friend to the Merchant House is a burnt out ruin in the area known as the Dock Ward of Arylon. During the Time of Troubles, this temple was destroyed by fire. The building was originally 50 feet wide by 60 feet long. Some walls are still standing and a couple of the rooms remain intact, although completely burned out.

Description of business:

The Friend to the Merchant House was built and dedicated to the goddess Waukeen, the same year Lathander's shrine was erected. After the end of Amn's trade expansion, the Friend to the Merchant House remained a popular temple, although the temple to Lathander eventually surpassed it in number of worshippers. The Friend to the Merchant House's strength was very representative of Arylon's original goal of trade. Over the years, as more people came to Arylon looking to restart their lives, the temple declined and this was seen as symbolic of the changing goals of the citizens of Arylon. New beginnings and renewed hope became Arylon's strength, while trade became the secondary goal.

During the Time of Troubles, the Friend to the Merchant House caught fire and it's high priest, Edisni, was consumed by the blaze while attempting to extinguish the flames. Rumors are that he still haunts the ruins, trying to put the fire out and will attack anyone entering for not helping. [DM Note: The temple ruins generate an aura of 'fear'. Only a priest of Waukeen, or someone carrying one of her blessed holy symbols, may enter freely. Anyone else must make a saving throw at a -4 penalty. Once inside, however, if they are startled for any reason they must make another saving throw but without applying the penalty.

The High Priest, now a ghost, can be seen on the anniversary of the temple burning. He appears to be extinguishing nonexistent fires, and if approached, he begins to shout for help, although nothing is actually heard. If no help is forthcoming, he will attack the nearest individual, then disappear. The temple land has not been built on since the ghost seems to be bound to this area.

Recent rumors are that the vaults of the temple contain vast amounts of gold but since no one has yet entered and returned, the rumor may be unfounded.

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