Name: Flynn (hm, F1, NG, 34hp, Str:10/16, Con:10, Cha:16)

Submitted by: Jade Williams

Flynn was born in Arabel, to a middle-class family. He had a happy, unremarkable childhood, and at 16 he joined his father and grandfather in the Purple Dragons. He had grown up in a military family, and took to the life easily. His natural charm endeared him to the company he was in, and he demonstrated an aptitude for level-headedness in tense situations. His tactical skills and charm allowed him to rise rapidly through the ranks of the Purple Dragons, and he was made captain before his 30th winter.

[DM note: At this point he is LG, F6, 59hp, Str:16, Con:16]

One night, he was on patrol near Thunder Gap with his troops, when a magical alarm called to them from the Hullack Forest. They rode to the alarm, and came upon a burning, elven settlement, close to the forest's edge. Dead elves lay sprawled all around, many of them unarmed and still in night clothes. Before Flynn and his men could react, the Drow were upon him. They cut down the Purple Dragons in short order. Of the 18 soldiers, one managed to flee, and Flynn - heavily wounded - was dragged into the clearing and pushed against a tree. He looked up, through a pain-dimmed haze as a beautiful elven woman, with jet black skin approached him. She wore dark, ornate armour that revealed as much as it covered. She chanted strange words in a strange musical language, ending with a spat curse which froze his muscles rigid. He looked into her eyes, and saw naked hatred staring back at him. The memory of her cruel, thin smile stayed with him as she took his sword - his father's sword - and hacked his arm off. As the pain shot through his torn body, and darkness enveloped him, he saw the Drow melting back into the trees.

Another patrol, arriving to investigate the burning forest a few hours later, found the dying body of Flynn among the smouldering remains of the settlement. While most stayed to fight the forest fires, the others sped Flynn back to their garrison. Flynn survived that night, but his career was over. His sword arm was never found, and he never drew the family sword again. His world shattered with the loss of his arm - he couldn't wield a sword with any skill using his off hand, and he wasn't suited to a desk job. He couldn't face his family after (in his eyes) failing the uniform and the training his father and grandfather had given him. His fighting skills were all but useless, and he left the military, drifting around the Port cities, living by fishing the local waters. It was a hobby he had loved as a child and he used the last of his money to buy a special rod to allow him to continue. He settled for a time in Ilipur, until the Time of Troubles, when he ran away from the growing chaos, heading west with a merchant caravan. The caravan's trek ended in Iriaebor, as the merchant collected her goods.

Flynn was about to move on when the Time of Troubles ended, in a huge explosion. Magical flames ripped through the Tower of Gold as it's high priest could not accept the disappearance of Waukeen. Flynn saw the temple explode, and saw the town close it's doors to the destruction. Caring nothing about this he was just turning to leave, when he spotted movement - a body - on the bluff. His good nature won out, and he went to investigate. He found a young woman lying in the rubble, her burnt robes identified her as a priestess of Waukeen.

Flynn took care of her as best he could, but her burns were extensive. By the time he managed to get her to a healer, she had lost her sight. The local priests were unwilling to heal her fully, so soon after getting their powers back. Flynn took her and set out for a larger city. Along the way, Flynn realised he was enjoying the company of this woman. He started thinking about the future and how to help her more and more. Ferlanni, the priestess, was distraught over the loss of her Deity, and her injuries, but listening to Flynn's story, she realised how much he had lost, and what he had overcome to help her.

As they learned to depend on each other - Ferlanni for her wisdom, and compassion, and Flynn for his sight and determination - they came to love each other. In Elturel, they finally managed to get Ferlanni's burns healed, but her sight was beyond repair. Flynn got a job fishing the local river, to support them, and buy the salves Ferlanni needed to ease to pain of her eyes. Life was not easy, but they eked out a meagre living in the docks of Elturel. They stayed here for seven years, until the temple of Liira announced it was taking over the abandoned temple of Waukeen, for safekeeping. Ferlanni couldn't bear to hear this, having mourned for her goddess for many years. Flynn and Ferlanni moved that year downriver to Arylon - a city similar in many ways to Elturel, but with noticeably fewer temples. They settled in the dock ward, and again Flynn took up fishing as a way to make money. However, he found the city guards, the Silver Crescents, a lot more open than the Hellriders of Elturel, and soon made friends with a left-handed sergeant.

Flynn's past as a purple Dragon made his acceptance easier, and he found he could talk to them about military matters. On occasions his tactical knowledge was useful, and the sergeant arranged a small payment for Flynn. Over the months, Flynn discussed his future with Ferlanni, and eventually began learning the art of fighting again. He had to start from scratch to learn a new fighting style, with which he hoped to enlist in the city guard for a regular income.

Flynn and Ferlanni were wed in a civil ceremony a few weeks ago. Flynn usually wears a dark purple cloak, with a large hood, that completely covers his features, along with brown clothes and long boots for wading in the river. He fishes with a rod specially made for him, or occasionally a net.

[DM note: Flynn retains his strength (16) in his arm, but for purposes of strength checks (opening doors, bending bars, etc.) it is considerably reduced.]

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