Name: Five Brothers of Erevel: Eldocar, Madocar, Felcar, Welcar and Zendocar.

Submitted by: JadeWilliams

Name: Eldocar (hem, F9, N)
Stats: Str 18/72, Dex 16, Int 12, Wis 12, Con 17, Cha 15


A tall Erevel, standing over six-feet tall. He has dark (almost black) skin and light brown hair, cut short on top and left long down his back. He is the oldest of the brothers, and has grown into a phenomenally strong fighter, with an elven grace in his fighting style. Eldocar's main weapon is a black longsword, that bears enchantment, as shown by the soft yellow glow lining it when drawn. He also carries a long bow, and wears black half-plate with golden trim.

He has a soft voice, but carries his authority well in crisis situations. He enjoys social occasions, but prefers to blend in with the crowd rather than stand out as some of his brothers do.

Name: Madocar (hem, M9, NG)
Stats: Str 11, Dex 16, Int 17, Wis 15, Con 11, Cha 10


A rare albino Erevel, Madocar has chalk-white skin, white hair, and pink eyes. Standing next to Eldocar, the older brothers look as different as could possibly be imagined. He stands 5' 6" tall, and around strangers he is very quiet and reserved. He tries to keep his mind and body active as much as possible, enjoying learning from Falco as much as his sparring sessions with Eldocar.

He is an avid worshipper of Azuth, and is very reserved and studious about magic. He does not like unleashing it unless necessary, and usually has a memorised roster containing no offensive or destructive spells. He does become more excitable when faced with new magic (especially offensive magics) and has had Felcar steal spellbooks from mages that he does not feel are responsible enough to use the spells in them. He usually replaces the stolen book with one containing less destructive spells and a note about the responsibilities of mages. He studies these "confiscated" books, then donates them to local churches of Azuth for cataloguing.

He dresses in white, silver or light grey clothes, usually in standard adventuring fashions when about town and loose robes when studying.

Name: Felcar (hem, T4, CN)
Stats: Str 13, Dex 17, Int 14, Wis 9, Con 11, Cha 17


Felcar is the joker of the group - always ready with a sharp putdown or witty comment. He sees himself as the most charming of the brothers and is the most friendly and outgoing. He enjoys social occasions, spending many nights in the inns and festhalls of Arylon. He stands 5'7" tall, and has lightly tanned skin and black hair. His ears and eyes are distinctly elven in appearance. Felcar enjoys looking his best and always wears finely tailored clothes, usually in the latest fashions from Waterdeep. Many consider him vain, although the truth is he feels that the half-elves must become integrated into the Realms and not isolate themselves away in a self-imposed prison. He knows his brothers are somewhat distant from non-Erevel and does his best to get them involved in the social life of the city.

When "at work" he wears specially designed clothes. His shirt is double-sided; black for work and green for leisure, this allows him a quick-change option if being pursued. The leather bracers that contain his tools can be strapped round his shins, making his shoes look like boots from a distance. His belt holds about 20' of thin rope, and he has various throwing knives - his favoured weapon - concealed about his person. He usually carries nothing larger than a dagger to cut down on his chances of being seen or heard, but if needs arise he is proficient in leather armour, wielding a short sword and small shield.

Name: Welcar (hem, Sp4 [Fenmarel Mestarine], CG)
Stats: Str 14, Dex 13, Int 12, Wis 18, Con 14, Cha 14


Welcar, a priest of Fenmarel Mestarine is the moral voice of the group. He spends much of his time watching over Zendocar, and still feels responsible for the ageing that he suffered. It was at his insistence that the brothers faced the vampire, Necrodamus, who caused Zendocar's unnatural age. Welcar tends to worry about the future and how other races will look back on these times. He has started recording the history of the growing community in an attempt to show others that it is not a threat. He occasionally takes trips to Candlekeep to read the histories of other races that have been documented.

Name: Zendocar (hem, Ra2/D2, NG)
Stats: Str 16, Dex 14, Int 12, Wis 17, Con 14, Cha 15


Zendocar is the youngest of the brothers, but appears the oldest. While the other brothers look to be in their late twenties, Zendocar looks closer to forty. This is due to being aged by magic while the brothers were fighting a vampire in the High Moors. His well-tanned skin is showing lines around his forehead and eyes, and grey streaks are in his short, black hair.

The most outspoken and aggressive of the brothers, Zendocar sees the world in black-and-white. He is the first to take action if he feels things are wrong, and his brash nature compensates for his brothers' reserved attitudes. He constantly strives for balance within whatever area he is looking into. For example, he pushed to get the natural elements in the city-based community. He is the most content Erevel, having found the balance between his human and elven sides. He is currently making contacts outside the community to get it into balance with the rest of the city. Zendocar comes over as the likeable-but-hyperactive (and slightly annoying) little brother, but those who get to know him see the long-term plans he works towards.

He can be distracted from his current work by threats to nature and the balance. He hates undead with a passion, and persecutes followers of destructive religions (e.g. Talos). He dislikes geographical damage whether deliberate (e.g. Anauroch, The High Moor), or natural (e.g. floods, earthquakes) and helps out with repairs and aid whenever he can.

All the brothers have standard half-elven abilities apart from Madocar, who has no infravision.

History of the Brothers

The brothers are originally from The Fallen Lands, on the border of Anauroch. Their parents were part of a large prison, created by the vampire Necrodamus. Originally a human mage from Cormyr, Necrodamus served faithfully in the War Wizards for many years. His unit was responsible for searching and cataloguing the holdings of adventurers, wizards, and evil organisations the regular forces had secured. During one of these sweeps, he was exploring a hidden temple of a Banite cult that had been found and eradicated by the War Wizards. He came across a hidden room, shielded from casual detection by magic. Breaking in, he found a cache of evil weapons, and a set of spellbooks. Reading one enspelled page too many, Banite magic struck at him, and his flesh began to age before his eyes. He fled back to the city, but by the time senior mages had dispelled the curse, his body bore the scars of the attack.

He retired from active duty, but surprised his mentors by remaining as a War Wizard, turning his attention to magical research and lore keeping. In reality, his mind had suffered as much as his body and he became obsessed with time, and restoring his aged, withered body to what it was. He hid his obsession for over two decades, as he learnt, mastered, and created magics dealing with the flow of time, and how to control it. During these studies, he came into possession of a damned tome that contained an account of a mage who became a lich. Realising this mage had lived over 300 years before he was destroyed, the mage, secretly calling himself Necrodamus, began collecting the necessary components to duplicate the lich's spell.

This tipped off the senior mages who confronted him. He escaped them and fled to an abandoned complex in the Sunset Mountains. There, Necrodamus continued collecting components, until he had all of them ready, awaiting the final component. Getting this last component brought him into battle with an elven adventuring band from Evereska, who mortally wounded him before he could escape. Fleeing to his lair, he mixed in the last component, and consumed the lich-potion.

Unfortunately, he was too inexperienced to properly concoct the potion, and instead of becoming a lich, he awoke as a vampire. Necrodamus raged at this turn of events, venting his anger on the surrounding lands, until he encountered and killed a wood elf. His rage burned out, he fell on the elf to feed, and when his senses sharpened, and strength returned, his twisted mind thought this was because he was absorbing the powers of the elf. He only fed on elves after this, but after an attack on his lair by adventurers, realised he was still vulnerable. He relocated to the Fallen Lands, a blasted wasteland where various rag-tag armies battled each other on the whims of monstrous masters. He set up a new lair in a remote valley, and conjured dark clouds to cover the area. Necrodamus spent the next few years abducting elves and half-elves from across the Realms and bringing them to his lair. Initially he just fed on them, but then his research indicated that he could bring himself back from the dead. Seeing the dream of returning to a living body, and having the lifespan of an elf, he began a breeding program to try and produce a half-elf that was sufficiently human for his magics to work on, but also had the elven lifespan. He kept meticulous logs over the next century, tracking ancestral lines for each of his subjects - a total close to 300 when the first successful escape happened. These escapees included Subject 3112(half-moon, male), and Subject 3357(half-drow, female) and their newborn son. The first thing they did when they were free was to name their child - Eldocar was the first captive to have a name and not a number.

The escaped slaves hid in the surrounding lands, fighting the monsters there, and slowly growing in number. Eldocar was soon joined by four brothers, each looked different from the others, but all were united in spirit. They grew up looking out for each other, following Eldocar, their big brother. The other escaped slaves looked to him to be the leader also, seeing him as a sign of their freedom.

The other brothers, with less pressure on them, developed different talents. Madocar was taught the ways of magic from the elves in the group, using spellbooks taken from a Zhentarim caravan they ambushed. Felcar was always the sneaky one, and quickly developed into a scout for the group, raiding giant camps at night for supplies with a wood elf ranger named Felrin. Welcar grew up seeing his brothers the heroes, and acting to help the group, and became very introspective and quiet. A young drow girl, who had started worshipping Eilistraee, befriended him. She taught him about the Gods, and how to pray for their guidance. Fenmarel Mestarine, the outcast elven Power, answered his prayers, and he became a devout worshipper over the years. He married the drow priestess, Nirrius, a few years later, and joined her in influencing the group to take revenge on Necrodamus for what they had suffered, and what their brethren were still suffering. Zendocar grew up during the growing unrest. He was a young man, just learning the ways of fighting when the group attacked Necrodamus' lair. This influenced him to grow into a restless man, with little patience for the evil in the world.

Once their numbers had grown, and the children had matured, they started moving back towards the lair. The brothers led the attack to take the lair from Necrodamus. While the older members raided the slave pens and breeding chambers to free the captives, the brothers took the fight to Necrodamus. In his main chamber, Welcar led the brothers into direct battle with the vampire. A titanic battle erupted, with Necrodamus starting with, and keeping the advantage. As the battle raged, Felcar was badly beaten, Welcar found his clerical powers were useless in the lair, and Zendocar was attacked with spells that aged him a dozen years in seconds. Eldocar held his own, as Madocar worked magic to dispel the dark clouds that continually swirled overhead. As Eldocar fell under the fists of Necrodamus, Madocar succeeded, and sunlight streamed into the valley. His lair shattered, Necrodamus turned to flee, but was met with the full force that Welcar could muster, now the pall had lifted from the area. Welcar utterly destroyed Necrodamus, by forcing him out into the sunlight, where he burned to dust.

The brothers had little time to rest - the other prisoners, almost 250 in total, looked to them for leadership, to take them out of the valley, and back to safety. While Eldocar, and Madocar tried to organise an exodus from the fallen lands, Welcar slowly dropped into a depression. His wife had been killed in the attack by the undead legions guarding the slave pens, and he blamed himself for the pain Zendocar was suffering as he recovered from the magical ageing. This went unnoticed, as the exodus began, and the camp moved out westwards across the Greypeaks. Over the next year, they suffered attacks from many sorts of creatures, harsh wilderness, bad winter weather, and few resources. While Eldocar and Madocar were occupied with keeping the group together, and keeping morale high, it fell to Felcar and Zendocar to organise hunting trips, and the defence of the camp. Felcar made a name for himself during these months by leading daring raids into the camps of other groups in the mountains to steal supplies. Orcs, barbarians, Cult of the Dragon expeditions, and even the giants suffered raids. Zendocar, meanwhile became a tracker and hunter, learning to understand the lands around him as an old elven ranger of the group taught him. During one of his scouting trips, he stumbled onto a hidden glade, high in the mountains. Here, from the few details he has told, it seems he met a worshipper of Mielikki, probably a dryad, and embraced worship of the Lady of the Forest. A week later he returned to the brothers a Forestarm- a ranger/druid of the faith.

Zendocar revitalised the group- they began to have hope of finding a new place in life, just like Zendocar had. As Eldocar took up the mantle of leadership with renewed confidence, Madocar found Welcar in a deep depression, losing his purpose in life. Madocar talked with some of the elder elves in the group, and after a long discussion they took Welcar into a reverie. In the reverie, they showed him the wonders of the elven life, and their history as it was passed down through the generations. Welcar received a vision during this group-reverie as his god appeared before him, and told him that his destiny was far from these lands, a place where humans and elves would find a home together. He tasked Welcar to preserve the history and deeds of the brothers as they wandered the Realms, and inspired others with their unique outlook on life. When Welcar came out of his reverie he found the other elves had vanished, passed on to Arvandor to allow his reverie to happen. He took his task on with confidence now, and has kept records of the brothers' adventures, thoughts on community, freedom, self-identity, and other topics to the present day.

The brothers brought the group to a small forest on the western edges of the Greypeaks, a part of the High forest that had been separated by the Delimbiyr River. Here they found the ruins of an ancient, overgrown city. They stopped there, and the group voted to stay and begin to rebuild their lives. The elves tended the trees, while the half- elves rebuilt the ruins. Before long, disagreement broke out. The elves wanted the group to live in harmony with nature, but the younger half-elves wanted more security and the luxury that the rebuilt homes provided. The brothers stepped in and compromised, with the views and observations that Welcar had made, they designed the settlement to try and incorporate both views. When the group had settled, the brothers were asked to go and deliver news of what had happened to the outside world. They were given the best equipment that the group could find and left, travelling down the Delimbiyr.

As they travelled, they met a few elven groups on the edge of the High forest, and told them of what happened. Then, the brothers ran into a Zhentarim group at the Shining Falls, and were forced to flee towards Loudwater. Learning of the outside world from the people of Loudwater, the brothers decided against returning to their group at that time, and instead continued following the river to Secomber. It was here they first heard tales of a caravan of half-elves operating in the area. Lead by an old half-elf, they were expected to come through Secomber any day. The brothers were excited about this, as they had not met any other half-elves on their travels, and set out across the High Moor to meet this caravan. They found the caravan as it was being attacked by a group of trolls, and rode to the rescue. After driving off the trolls, they met with the leader of the caravan, Falco, for the first time. He saw in them his dreams of a half-elven community becoming reality. The brothers told Falco of their past, and the community, which had formed, and Falco told them of his dreams for a half-elven, or Erevel, community where their race could have their own identity.

The brothers joined the caravan as Falco began planning a permanent community. He decided on the city of Arylon, in the southern Heartlands, as it was a place he had been to several times, and he knew it had the right qualities he was looking for. It was the right size, it was still expanding so they could fit in easily, and it had a wide range of business opportunities and careers for the Erevel to work in. Falco took the caravan back around the cities and villages, gathering the Erevel as they headed south. The brothers agreed that it would be a fine place to set up home, and under their direction, Falco petitioned the council for permission the purchase several buildings and to make some minor changes to the architecture. The brothers settled in a house near the centre of the community, providing advice and guidance to the fledgling community about architecture, music, collecting their history, and forging their own identity.

Now, the brothers are role models to the young Erevel, standing as an example of how they can have their own identity and course in life, and not consider themselves half-breeds. To the Erevel, the brothers are the rock on which their community is built. They show that Erevel can be individuals without reverting to being half- human or half- elf. To the outside (non-Erevel) world, the brothers are a mystery, acting swiftly in defence of the Erevel community and people, but doing little of substance the rest of the time. They are known to be individually powerful and occasionally leave Arylon for short periods. There is always one brother in Arylon at any time, and has been since they arrived five winters ago. Apart from the brothers, only Falco is known to have been told the full history of the brothers. The location of their first community is a matter of which none of them will speak.

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