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Name of building: Arylon Finishing School for Young Ladies

Submitted by: Jenn Millington

Type of building: Three story brick manor house, stables, gardens and barracks

Business conducted in the building: Boarding School for the education of young noble women

Owner: Lady Congratulia Esmerelda Cormaeril

Number and Types of employees:
Various chambermaids (0 level females)- depends on the number of students
6 serving girls (0 level females)- the number varies slightly depending on the number of students and term times.
2 cooks (0 level females)
3 maids (0 level females)
1 Head maid (0 level female)
1 Butler (0 level male)
12 teachers in various skills (0 level females generally)
1 Guard Captain (3rd level fighter)
4 Guards (1st or 2nd level fighters)
1 Groom (0 level human)
4 stablehands (0 level)
Ol' Randall (gardener) 0 level human male

Description of building:

The Arylon Finishing School for Young Ladies is a large three story manor house in the Inner Ward. The building contains three wings facing east, north and west (the building copies the so-called "Cormyr sprawl" architecture style). The ground floor contains a huge dining room, dancing hall, kitchen, sitting room, music room, and the servant quarters. The remaining two floors provide living quarters for Lady Congratulia, her staff and the girls. The second floor of the house is given over to the living quarters. The west wing contains Lady Congratulia's private rooms, the east wing contains the staff's quarters (the teachers, the Head Butler and Head maid are quartered here. All other staff live in the servant's quarters on the ground floor), and the north wing is where the first year students are quartered. The third floor is also students' rooms. The west wing is where the second year students sleep, the east wing is for the third year students, and the north wing is where the fourth year students live. All students' rooms are private suites with a small sitting room, bedroom, bathing area and attached maid's room. The school can accommodate five students in each wing.

In addition to the main building there is a stable that holds six horses used by the young ladies for riding lessons and daily exercise. The final building is a small single story house consisting of two bunkrooms each containing four bunkbeds, two larger, simple rooms for the Groom, Gardener and Captain, and a common room. These staff are brought food by one of the serving girls each day. In general, none of them are allowed within the main house. Lady Congratulia is very eager to keep her charges free from 'inappropriate behaviour' , and they are chaperoned whenever they are around strangers.

The prize of the manor house are the gardens. These exquisite gardens are the talk of the town and are tended by "Ol' Randall", an old man in his late 60's. Randall is rumoured to be or have been a druid but no one knows anymore. It is well known that Randall gives lectures on tending flowers that Lady Congratulia demands all the ladies attend.

Description of business:

The Arylon Finishing School for Young Ladies is a boarding school designed to teach young noble women the skills necessary to run their own household. Classes taught include: reading, writing, basic bookkeeping, etiquette, embroidery, sewing, house management, child rearing, cooking supervision, event planning (such as galas, balls, weddings), heraldry, horticulture and religion.

Young women are normally enrolled between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. The schooling lasts four years and the girls are given one month of vacation time per year to spend with their families. This specialized training is extremely expensive, costing 700gp per term, but has become a fad among the nobles of Faerun, due to the fact that Congraulatia has advertised her school in places such as Amn and Cormyr and the write-up in Volvo's Guide to Arylon. There is currently a waiting list for enrolment and smart parents will pre-register their daughters upon birth. Indeed, several people are comparing it to Laspeera Naerinths 'House of Grace' in Suzail- widely thought of as the most famous house of this kind in Faerun.

Upon a new student's arrival in Arylon, Lady Congratulia hires a young woman to be trained as a Lady's maid. Recently she has hired her women from the Arylon orphanage offering these children of poor birth the opportunity to better themselves. The girls assigned as Lady's maids are trained for three months before being assigned to a new student, during which time they are closely monitored for eagerness, general health, and most importantly, honesty.

After four years of training these young women are highly skilled and it is becoming common for them to be hired as the Lady's permanent maid. The maids are handpicked by Lady Congratulia to be a similar age to the young noblewoman so they may act as a confidante.

Lady Congratulia's students are reputed to be among the best mannered nobles in Faerun. Ten years ago she convinced a young entrepreneur in Arylon to feature her in what she believed to be 'Volo's Guide to Arylon'. In actuality "Volo" was a young man called Volvo who was capitilizing on Volo's fortune. One hundred of the books were mistakenly penned Volo's Guide to Arylon. Lady Congratulatia has been unable to convince Volo to create an actual Volo Guide after the Volvo incident. Since that time Lady Congratulia has had a waiting list of at least ten girls at any one time. Rumors among the girls at the school persist, saying that Lady Congratulia has a relationship with young Volvo.

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