Name: Farak Law Wielder (Shield Dwarf, Male, 52 yrs, 4' 0", 150 lbs., 4th Level, Fighter (Clansdwarf kit), LG, Weapon smith. Owner of Moradin's Forge.)

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Attributes: Str 15; Dex 12; Con 14; Cha 15; Int 17; Wis 11;
Wealth: 300gp
XP: 10500
Weapon Proficiencies: Axe, Hammer, Short Sword, Heavy Crossbow, and 1 slot available.
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Weaponsmithing(2 slots, Bonus), Dwarven Runes(B), Endurance(B), Appraising, Artistic Ability, Blacksmithing, and Armorer.
HP: 30
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Orc
Special Benefits: +3 reaction when dealing with his Clan, +2 when dealing with other Dwarves.
Hindrance: -3 reaction from all Dwarves if he ever acts dishonestly, and news of the deed is heard.
Equipment: 1 suit of Dwarven Plate Mail Armor, carefully constructed of the finest materials with clan crest (crossed hammer and axe) proudly emblazoned on the chest, 1 Open Faced Helmet, 1 Short Sword, 1 Battle Axe, 1 Hammer, 1 Knife, 1 Heavy Crossbow, 30 Bolts, Sundry Forge Equipment, Clothing, and General Supplies.


Farak appears to be a fairly average dwarf, with brown hair and eyes. He can usually be seen around the Dwarven quarter in his work smock. On the occassions he is required to act as a Silver Crescent, he wears his distinctive Dwarven plate mail that he crafted.


Farak Law Wielder, one of three Law Wielder brothers living in Arylon's Dwarven Quarter, runs Moradin's Forge, a weapons and general smithy.

Farak takes his work very seriously, both as a smith and as a member of the Silver Crescents. Farak and his brothers were raised in Tempus's Tears, a town at a cross-roads a few miles North of Arylon. While there, they worked as Amaeraszantha's eyes (Volo's Guide to the Swordcoast), protecting the ruins' stones from being plundered.

They moved to Arylon chasing promises of mining opportunities. They started by following their clan's primary task of law enforcement. Farak also took up his secondary profession of weapon-smithy as a means to earn gold. Unfortunately, the mining opportunities they heard about turned out to be copper. While there was a high demand for it, the brothers primary skills lay in forging and working metal- not processes that were needed in the copper trade.

The three brothers and their apprentices live in Moradin's Forge, which is owned by Farak. Farak, like his brothers, wishes to increase his fortune and standing in the community to enhance his chances of finding a wife.

Farak is superstitious, especially with regard to portents relating to Moradin and smithing. Any commissioned work undertaken by Farak falls under his careful ability, and superstitious nature. Any piece of work that breaks, while he is making it, is discarded. He then breaks the commission by refusing to do the work at all, refunding the deposit. This is because he sees it as one of Moradin's Omens.

Farak, who holds Dwarven-kind close to his heart, will almost invariably sell his wares to Dwarves at half price. The exceptions are those Dwarves who are considered outcasts in the eyes of Moradin (Deurgar Dwarves) and those with a reputation of acting in a generally dishonorable fashion.

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