Name: Evanyl (Moon Elf, Male, 200 yrs, 5'2", 100 lbs., 5th Level, fighter/priest of Fenmarel Mestarine, NG)

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Attributes: Str 15; Dex 16; Con 9; Cha 15; Int 12; Wis 16
Alignment: NG
Wealth: 3500gp
XP: 17000/17000
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Bow, Long Sword, Dagger
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Healing, Herbalism, Reading/ Writing, Etiquette, and Gambling.
HP: 33
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Elvish
Equipment: Long Bow, Leather Armor, Long Sword, 4 Daggers, 1 Silver Holy Symbol, Herbs, Quiver and 40 Arrows, Clothing, and General Supplies.


Evanyl is well past middle-age, he has violet eyes and silver hair. He normally is seen wearing leather armour and with his long sword strapped to his waist.


Evanyl owns the Pick Axe Inn, though he tends to let others run the business for him. An accomplished gambler, he spends a good deal of time honing his skills. He chose to settle in the Dwarven Quarter when he moved from Tempus' Tears to Arylon, with his friends the Law Wielders. He met the Law Wielders when they lived in Tempus' Tears and he was on the run from an angry group of Elves from Elturel, who took exception to his gambling prowess. He was accused of cheating, and in the ensuing fight, he accidentally killed his accuser. He and his companion, Sally, quickly left town, but his pursuers caught up with him near the ruins of Tempus' Tears. There was a fight which ended when the Law Wielders came out to stop the commotion they feared might disturb the ancient Amethyst Dragon, Amaeraszantha (see Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast for more details). The angry mob comprised of six elves were none too pleased with their interference. After a brief fight in which the brothers were unharmed, only a few very angry and wounded elves left the field that day. For killing such a loved member of the community, and causing such ruckus, Evanyl was banished from this Elven community. While recuperating, he came to enjoy the company of the Dwarves of Tempus' Tears and in particular the Law Wielders. Eventually, the five have become extremely close and they now consider each other family.

Evanyl enjoyed many of the same things that the dwarves enjoyed. Drinking, gambling and rough-housing with the dwarves won him their respect and eventually their friendship. The fact that Evanyl heals them when they are injured in fights has only strengthened their friendship. When the Law Wielders chased their dreams of gold and glory to Arylon, Evanyl and Sally traveled with them.

Being considered part of that extended family allowed him the opportunity to 'adopt' a Dwarf. Though some might accuse Evanyl of exploiting the Dwarves who work for him and around him, nothing could be farther from the truth. Those who work for him know him as fair, and those who live nearby enjoy his company. Both he and his companion, Sally, are considered part of the community. Sally is Evanyl's long time lover/companion. She has stayed with him even though he is shunned by Elven folk. Though they have never had a formal ceremony, they are faithful to each other. The reasons for her staying aren't clear to anyone but herself.

Evanyl has been known on occasion to aid the Law Wielder brothers with their Silver Crescent work as an extra set of hands and senses. Not to mention the abilities of a healer, even though he holds no official position in the service. He has gone out with them on their tours of duty in the town, helping to put down local quarrels and heal injured parties.

The remaining elves of the group that chased Evanyl have settled in Arylon in an attempt to cause trouble for Evanyl and his friends. They will speak to any elves they run across and tell them of Evanyl's 'brutal murder' of their beloved leader. They have also managed to convince some of the local elves that their view of Evanyl is correct, which allows their spiteful rumors to continue. The 'fact' that Evanyl is a brutal wild elf who worships Fenmarel has helped these rumors to spread. Combined with the fact that Evanyl has chosen to live with dwarves has allowed the rumours of this evil bogey-elf to spread. Evanyl does not emerge often from the quarter so many elves have a view of him which is warped by his enemies.

DM's Note:

For this reason, if elven PC's have run across Evanyl's accusers before meeting him they generally do not respond well to him. Not that most Elves would be likely to enter an almost exclusively Dwarven community. The most common reason for them to be anywhere near the area is the Forge across from the Pick Axe Inn owned by Farak Law Wielder.

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