Name: Elric Trollbane (hm F3 NG)

Submission by: Hugo Lynch

Elric is in his mid thirties and is a large 5'11" man topping 250 lbs. He has short, clean cut black hair and small green eyes that are overshadowed by his slightly oversized nose. Elric isn't a handsome man but his jovial attitude makes him a marriageable prospect for older ladies.

Elric was a member of the Company of the Copper Drake. He was pompous and always the first to draw steel when discussions heated up. Elric was engaged by the Company as a guard and guide. After plundering a crypt, the Company made their way to Arylon to rest and heal their wounds. They rested at the Roasted Herald Inn, drank a lot of beer and started a fight.

Elric was accidentally pushed by another patron. In the brawl nearly all the furniture was destroyed. Priam, the innkeeper, called the guard. Elric was held responsible for the damage but couldn't pay. The only cash he had was in his saddlebags. But his horse and the Company of the Copper Drake disappeared during the fight.

As punishment, Elric was assigned to work at the Roasted Herald for six months as a groom. During this time, Elric became friends with Priam and soon picked up the additional duty of bouncer. Following his sentence, Elric was left with nothing. He had his armor and weapons, but he had nowhere to go and no funds to get there.

Elric asked Priam to keep him on staff. Priam didn't need the extra employee but felt sorry for his friend. So, he engaged Elric as a fill-in bartender. Elric has made quite a name for himself since his original apprenticeship. The Herald was never known for its beverage choices, but Elric changed some ingredients. Now, people come from as far as Scornubel to taste one of Elric's specialties.

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