Name: Elias Systrum (hm, SP4 of Deneir, CG)

Submitted by: David Fulton

Abilities: Str 12 Dex 14 Con 9 Int 15 Wis 16 Chr 12
hp: 12
AC: 10
WP: quarterstaff
NWP: Reading/writing (common), Language ancient (Thorass), Religion (Deneir), Direction sense, Astrology, Reading/writing (Dwarven), Language (Dwarven), Local history (Greycloak Hills), Local history (Berdusk), Artistic ability (calligraphy)
Magic Items: scroll of Continual Light, potion of healing
Special abilities: As a Wordsmith 4 of Deneir


Elias Systrum is a tall(6'1"), slightly greying man of medium build (196lbs). In forty-two years, he has traveled and seen much in the service of his god.

He was born in a small village near Berdusk. When Elias was five, both of his parents died in an epidemic that killed a quarter of the village before help arrived. One of the surviving neighbours delivered Elias to Twilight Hall in Berdusk, leaving him in the care of clerics at the temple of Deneir. Somewhat bemused by the situation, and taking pity on the young Elias, they took him in. The priests educated Elias and raised him in the beliefs of Denier. As a teenager, he rebelled against the cloistered and bookish atmosphere of the temple and ran away. He returned to the Disciples of the Free Word, and soon after, took his vows before taking to the road.

Since that time he has lived in many of the towns and cities of the Faerun. He has spent time in the Greycloak Hills, Cormyr, the Dales, Sembia and as far north as Waterdeep. He settled in Arylon two years ago. He maintains a shrine to his god and seeks to spread his master's words. As a Disciple of the Free Word, he serves his god by teaching the poor to read and write. He holds classes each day for two hours after sunset during winter, and for an hour prior to sunset in summer. His gruff and overbearing manner means these classes are often only attended by children forced by their parent/s. The rest of the time, he works as a scribe, often taking no payment for his efforts. He will even do so when reading or scribing a confidential letter.

By teaching as many people as possible to write, he strengthens the worship of Deneir. He believes that every word written celebrates the gifts of his god. He also believes that by learning to read and write, the poor are better able to defend themselves against injustices and brings more people to the worship of Denier.

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