Name:Edijan (hm, LG, 3rd lvl Dawngreeter of Lathander, House of Dawn)

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Edijan handles the majority of the relations of the House of Dawn with the other churches in Arylon. He brings problems the House of Dawn may have to the Council (except when Morninglord Geena feels its time to remind them of the poor of the city). These problems are usually simple things, like coordinating a city wide Lathanderian holiday, or any laws that contradict Lathanderian beliefs, or making sure taxation is fair.

Edijan's family arrived in Arylon from Baldur's Gate. His mother came from Chult and he has inherited many of her features. From her, he got his black skin and large bone structure. From his father, he got his 6'5" height and large hands. Probably the strangest feature about him is his size since he has the broad shoulders and massive arms of a fighter. Geena thought he would make a good go between for the House of Dawn as his build represents her will very well.

Edijan is a natural politician. He has learned over the years the power of a well chosen phrase. He knew early on his fists could accomplish what he wanted but the warrior in the family was his mother. She would feel slighted by the least thing and it was up to her son to keep the peace with the neighbors.

Edijan enjoyed athletic competition. While he was participating in the sporting events hosted by the Rose Portal of Balder's Gate, he was introduced to the Lathanderian faith. He was delighted to learn of a god who placed some importance on his favorite activity. He became involved in competitions up and down the Sword Coast, including Arylon. After retiring from competition, he returned to Arylon and joined the priesthood of the House of Dawn.

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