Name: Dwim (Shield Dwarf, Male, 24 yrs, 3' 5", 140 lbs., 0 Level, cook, NG)

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Attributes: Str 10; Dex 10; Con 11; Cha 13; Int 9; Wis 9
Alignment: NG
Wealth: 440gp
Secondary Skills: Cooking, Brewing.
HP: 2
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, elvish
Equipment: 1 Dagger, Clothing, and General Supplies.


Dwim has a slight build for a Dwarf, being short and relatively skinny. He has light brown hair, soft brown eyes and keeps his beard closely shaved, being the easiest way to keep hair out of the food.


Dwim is the cook for the Pick Axe Inn. He has always lived in this area, and was once a resident of the orphanage. He was one of the first orphans to be brought into the neighborhood. He lives in 'his' kitchen, and sleeps on the cot in the corner of the kitchen that the owner provided for him.

Dwim happily performs his duties, cooking with a Dwarven flair and running his kitchen like an ogre, figuratively speaking. His hopes are that someday he can acquire the Pick Axe from Evanyl, when his foster father retires, decides to move on, or is willing to sell it to him.

Dwim loves both his foster parents. He could have lived upstairs in a room, but he chose 'to live with his craft' while he apprenticed. For the next 40 odd years he plans to live in the kitchen and become a first class chef. Since there is no clan for cooks at least locally, he will try and start one, or join if one is created. Once he has finished his apprenticeship, he is hopeful that Sally and Evanyl will allow him to take over part or all of the Pick Axe. If this does not happen he plans to open his own restaurant.

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