Name: Drulipar "Danger" Copperthumbs (gm, 3rd lvl Fighter/4th lvl Priest of Flandal Steelskin, LG. Miner and owner of The Nose Knows Mining Company

Submitted by: Vijay Barreto;


Drulipar Copperthumbs is a young, male, rock gnome in charge of a company of 10 copper miners. He stands a few inches above 3 feet, has baby blue eyes and fiery red hair and beard. His most distinguishing physical characteristic is his prominent nose. He is incredibly proud of his nose, and does not take offense when people stare at it. Drulipar is known for his kindness and good nature. He is excellent with human children and is often seen playing in the city parks when not mining.


Drulipar was born with the uncanny ability to sniff out copper ore. This gift coupled with his prominent nose had many in his community comparing him to Flandal Steelskin, gnomish god of mining and smithing. He soon joined the priesthood of Flandal Steelskin and became a devout priest. After completing his training, he decided to leave the safety of Tempus' Tears and venture into the hostile human world. He longed to be a miner and the lack of ore around Tempus' Tears influenced his decision to leave. He left with what he could carry and went on a quest to find a rich mine.

He began his search in the city of Arylon. He followed the rumors about the many caves, tunnels and ruins around the city and in just a few months, he caught a whiff of copper. He quickly decided to purchase the lands around the vein of copper ore he had discovered. Unfortunately he was without the means to do so.

Drulipar began searching for potential investors. He was fortunate to see the large Gold Coin sign, hanging over Artesto's trading company headquarters. He ventured in, and asked to see the owner. Artesto is a busy man, but takes personal interest in matters when a demi-human (rare) comes to his store. Once Drulipar described his findings, Artesto was intrigued. He was willing to invest but asked to see the potential mine first. He went with Drulipar to the mine, and determined for himself the mine's potential.

Artesto is a canny merchant, but not a thief, so he kept his side of the bargain, and did not buy the mine to cut Drulipar out of the deal. Artesto placed only one condition on the approval of the loan, and that was that his trading company, The Golden Coin, would have exclusive rights to transport all the ore mined. Drulipar accepted and they became partners. Drulipar hired a few miners and started The Nose Knows Mining Company. After a few years, he was the head of a large mining operation. Drulipar was unwilling to set aside his pick to become a businessman. He relied on his partner Artesto to assume those responsibilities. Drulipar was left the task of overseeing the mining operations. He is an honest hard working gnome but a few people in the city believe Artesto is exploiting him. However, he is truly happy with the current setup and is confident in Artesto's honesty. As a matter of fact, he has so much money that he has secretly given a large donation to the Arylon Orphanage.

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