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Name: Drend (hm, 0 lvl, tradesman, hp3)

Submitted by: Scott Bonner

Drend, known as "Tileman Drend" by allies and "Nailbiter" by foes, originally hailed from Waterdeep. In Waterdeep, Drend co-owned, with two silent partners, Belnimbra Carpentry and Roofing, located on Belnimbra's Street in Dock Ward, an influential business in the Plaisterer's, Carpenter's, and Roofer's Guild. Drend was himself moderately influential in the guild. The business continues in Waterdeep, though Drend sold his part to the silent partners. He now owns Drend's Carpentry and Roofing (to be described in a later post). He is also extremely influential in the fledgling Carpenter's and Roofer's Guild of Arylon, which he helped found when he arrived in Arylon 10 years ago. Drend bears a long and bitter grudge for the Hidden Lords, and blames them for his loss of business and status in mighty Waterdeep.

The story Drend gives is as follows: the Lords had a long history of tyranny and ill will toward the people of Waterdeep, and Drend was severely punished for standing up to them. As he sees it, the Lords were tired of Drend's constant calls for freedom and honesty in government, and were weary of his sharp eye for conspiracy, and took personal action. They attempted to drive him out, forcing him to tear down his home and warehouse, based on some pitiful excuse about widening a road. Then, when Drend protested this action in a Dock Ward bar near his home, the Lords arranged to banish him from Waterdeep. Well, Drend knew better than to face the entire might of the watch, so he fled for his life.

People in Waterdeep, of course, remember it differently. Drend did often complain about the Lords, and sometimes his arguments were well reasoned, but usually he just seemed bitter and obsessive. When Drend needed to expand his warehouse, but did not want to pay for more land, he built into the road. A council was convened and Drend was ordered to remove the addition. That night, in a drunken and angry fit, Drend threatened the life of Lord Piergeiron and Captain Rulathon of the watch, and gave details of how he would do it. He was overheard by members of the watch and arrested the next day. At trial a few days later, he was commanded to leave Waterdeep.

If Drend knew himself better, he would be less a man of contradictions. He speaks of freedom from tyrannical government, but acts more concerned with himself than "all". His former partners blamed this trait on Drend's privileged youth, and the anti-government views of Drend's father. He still calls for a society less "rigid and hierarchical", yet when he arrived in Arylon he attempted to form a Carpenters' and Roofers' Guild and secure for it exclusive building rights in the city. When speaking of government, he is openly fearful of "a few mediocre or corrupt men determined to decide our fates", but has secured the position of council speaker. He wants influence in the city government because he fears someone else controlling it without him. The council itself has willingly given him the speaker position, knowing full well that the myriad mundane details will distract him from his need to control the council.

Drend no longer carries himself with the swagger of his youth. Indeed, he is a tad too portly to swagger at all. Now his role is purely administrative, and he, thankfully, rarely has to get onto a roof. Drend is 47, and proud of it. It means he is wise and distinguished and no longer needs to tolerate the impetuous or young. He is proud of his balding pate. Drend is childless and unmarried, and will likely remain so. Three times he attempted to live with a woman, and all three times they left him within months. Drend is simply too wedded to business and politics to keep a mate happy.

Drend is well-spoken, well educated (thanks to indulgent and wealthy parents), and determined to get his way -- and he is unpredictable. He may argue for a statute one day, then vote against it the next. However, he can concoct a seemingly rational reasoning for each irrational decision -- at least to Drend and his supporters. He is, in the end, unpredictable, suspicious, and highly respected by his gullible adherents.

Drend has never performed a courageous act, except for his attempts to control the council, and could never be an adventuresome type. He is concerned with the treatment of common businesses within the city -- the clothiers and harness makers and, of course, carpenters -- and receives the most support from these tradesmen.

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