Name: Draylin Feirance, First Lieutenant in the Order of the Griffin (hem NG F6 - Cavalier)

Submission by: Scott Paffenroth

Stats: Str 16 Int 15, Wis 14, Dex 16, Con 15, Cha 14
Magic Items: +2 longsword, +3 shield.
Notable Proficiencies: Specialized-Longsword, reading/writing, Tracking, Blind fighting, Dancing, Etiquette, Riding-landbased, Swimming

Draylin's mother was an herbalist/healer for the Towers of Balance for 25 years. Alynis Fireoak, Draylin's moon elven father, was a retired adventurer - ranger in the service of Mielikki. They lived on the border of the Moonwood near Silverymoon. During a trip into the woods with his father, their house was attacked by orcs and his mother slain. After hiding Draylin in a deep woods shelter high in the tree limbs, Alynis hunted the orcs. After slaying a dozen of the humanoids he was pinned down and slain by the trio of Ogres leading the orcs.

By the next night Draylin had given up hope of his father ever returning. He slipped past a patrol of orcs and made his way towards Silverymoon. He was discovered by the Knights of Silver and taken to Silverymoon and placed with the Temple of Balance in recognition of his mother's service. Draylin was left an orphan at 12 years old. He had no other family near Silverymoon, and the temple thought it appropriate that he be raised by them.

Having no friends or family, his life was seemingly one endless task after another. He spent the first four years of his time in the Tower learning the tenets of Mystra. His temper flared so often the priests felt he would have to leave the temple, then he met Karel. Draylin lacked the patience to become a priest. Karel taught him to harness his rage and use his skills to better himself and those around him. The rash behavior of his youth has turned to the cool thoughtfulness of maturity and he rarely raises his voice since becoming 1st Lieutenant.

At the age of 33, Draylin is 5'8" with a muscular build, cornsilk blond hair and brown eyes. He dresses in forest browns and greens, emulating the man who raised him. Draylin doesn't believe in an ostentatious appearance as the true being of a man is what is in his heart, not what he wears.

Draylin feels Karel gave purpose to his life and is the father figure he lost. It is Draylin's desire to become the commander of the Order of the Griffin when his lord, Karel, retires from service to the temple. He spends his off hours schooling himself and training in the yard because he doesn't want to disappoint the man who helped him become who he is today.

He has a exceptional track record commanding troops in the field, and a gift for deduction. He has ferreted out more than one trap since becoming 1st Lieutenant. One such situation was guarding a caravan of rare spell components from the Towers of Balance bound for Waterdeep. The goods were under the care of Sharelle's novice's and a squad of temple guards. Knowing of the importance of his task, Draylin did not want to lose any of the initiates or goods and he took a risk that he normally would not.

Splitting his force of twenty five men he pincered the raiders before they had time to react and were taken into custody with a minimum loss to his troops. Splitting his forces was a gamble that he felt was necessary. Fighting in woodlands is difficult from mounts, due to the lack of maneuverability. He knew the terrain was his greatest advantage. He sent a force of 15 men ahead rode to circle behind the raiders, while the rest fought a slow retreat to the next clearing. The retreat would stop between the Unicorn Run river and the clearing.

The raiders knew if they could pin the soldiers against the river they would win the day. The 15 knights from the rear flanks came thundering across the clearing bearing down with lances lowered and at full stride. The woodlands echoed with thundering hoofbeats as the knights bore down on their opponents. A great cheer went up from the caravan as the remaining guards pressed their new advantage.

Any loss to his men greatly affects Draylin and he feels personally responsible for the lives of the men he commands. Knowing some men will perish during battle gives him pause and he has hesitated more than once. Karel believes, with more experience, Draylin will become a fine field commander. Draylin knows, in his heart, he will do the best he can for his troops. He is gaining confidence but needs to be reminded from time to time that all men die, and what matters is "why" they gave their lives.

Draylin enthusiastically decided to come to Arylon. He would be partaking in a great endeavor to start an Order of Mystran Knights. This was an opportunity to give back to the church of Mystra for taking him in. Presently, he spends at least one week per month taking patrols out to drill in the Fields of the Dead. Gaining the necessary field experience for him to take over is paramount for him. He has few outside interests but does enjoy dancing. He can be found at least one night a week trying to sweep a young lady off her feet. Gallant and modest, he has become a favorite of many a festhall.

Once a year he makes a pilgrimage back to the abandoned remains of his family's homestead. He stays up to a month refurbishing and rebuilding the home. Currently it is used as a refuge for any needing shelter from the harsh Northern weather.

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