Name of Business: Dwarven Quarter Mall

Type of building: Two-story Tudor building, lower shop, and upper shopkeeper apartments.

Submitted by:

Building Owner: Thorgar Goldenhorde

Description of building:

The building contains eight businesses that occupy the lower floor of a converted rooming house. The shopkeepers use the upper floor for their living quarters. The two-story Tudor building is situated on the west side of the Erlyr road, the primary thoroughfare of the Dwarven Quarter. The landlord keeps the building in relatively decent shape, though he does not go out of his way to keep the building in pristine shape. Rent for a 20'X20' store and apt. is 20gp/ month. The building is 200'X20'.

Mall Tenants:
Skirts and Britches
Baker's Oven
Chopping Block
Basic Needs
All That Sparkles
Arylon Mineral Rights Registry
The Quartered Orc
Empty Shop

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