Name: Doron (Shield Dwarf, Female, 25 yrs, 3' 7", 120 lbs., 0 Level, barmaid, NG)

Submitted by: Jim Millington,

Attributes: Str 13; Dex 12; Con 18; Cha 8; Int 11; Wis 12
Wealth: 140gp
HP: 4
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Gnome


Doron is one of the barmaids at the Pick Axe Inn. She is an orphan who found a home in the Dwarven Quarter. She works at the Pick Axe to make some extra gold until she's to be married. An event she hopes is far in the future. Her not-so-secret desire is to see the world. To this end she tries continually to find a group of adventurers that will take her along with them and show her the ropes. She attentively listens to stories from all travelers who enter the Pick Axe. They usually either decline her request to come along, or end the conversation when they realize that Da is the one they are really looking for.

Her youthful exuberance is something she is trying to quell, figuring it is one of the biggest reasons she has not found a party to join. The stories she has heard about how the young and foolish get themselves killed has led her to this belief. Doron's foster parents are thinking of looking for a suitor for her, hoping it may quash any of these adventuring dreams before they lose their daughter.


Doron is not as attractive as Da, but still not unattractive. Doron has mousy brown hair and soft brown eyes.

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