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Name: Dorian Ironcloak, Third Sergeant of the Order of the Griffin (hem NG R4/P4)

Submission by: Scott Paffenroth (

Stats: Str 17, Int 14, Wis 15, Dex 16, Con 18, Cha 15
Magic Items: +1 Mace, +1 Scimitar
Notable Proficiencies: Landbased riding, Reading/writing (Common), Endurance, Etiquette, Running, Swimming, Survival-Plains, Tracking, Two-Handed Fighting style, Scimitar, Long bow, Mace

Dorian is 26 years old, 5'9" and 165 pounds. He has sapphire blue eyes, shoulder length bronze hair and a dark bronze complexion. He is the third son born of his family of six and has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. His mother is human, Sharlea Windwalker and his father is a gold elf, Dailynth Ironcloak.

Dorian was born in the Shaar, the vast prairie land of the south. Living under the sky by day and night, his was a simple life. He was raised as a plains warrior, defender of his people, horse trader and trainer. Dorian appears to have been born atop a horse. His horsemanship skills have no equal in the Order of the Griffin. He can ride equally well in saddle or bare back. Trick riding he learned from his mother's people from the day he could mount a horse. His mother's people traveled across the Shaar, season by season. Living off the land and trading for the goods they couldn't make for themselves.

His father, Dailynth Ironcloak, is a ranger devoted to Corellon Larethian. He learned his skills in the High Forest near Silverymoon. He raised his son to love the land and to protect the people who lived on it from those who would take from them. Dailynth taught Dorian to live off the land, tracking, and the ability to run tirelessly for many miles.

His mother is a shaman for her nomadic tribe. Sharlea believes all life is bound to the Weave and all have their place in it. She instilled the belief of Mystra in her son and he learned the tenets of the faith. Dorian still wished to learn more than his mother could teach and decided to find those who could teach him more. Dailynth often told his son stories of how his people lived near a great city, Silverymoon.

It would take many months of travel, but Dailynth knew of the Towers of Balance, and the family would accompany Dorian. They began their trip just as spring ended, taking all their worldly possessions and a small herd of 40 horses. Stallions from the Shaar commanded heavy prices on the open market; it was hoped the herd would pay for any tuition or tithes Dorian would need to enter into the temple as an initiate.

Dorian was stunned by the enormous amount of people that lived in the city. All he had known in life were the wide-open plains of the Shaar. Dorian's family was met by Sheelan at the gates of Silverymoon. The guards had noted the quality of the horses and sent a missive to Sheelan as they knew the Order she represented had need of them. Sheelan wished to procure the entire herd for possible breeding and training. A price was reached which allowed Dorian entrance and sponsorship to the Towers of Balance and entitled his family to a sizable piece of land outside the city. The price was inclusive of upon completion of his initiate training when Dorian would be tested as a knight for the Order of the Griffin.

Initially, Dorian was overjoyed to learn from the priest's of Mystra and he studied diligently for two years at the Towers of Balance. Instruction was difficult and not always as joyful as it had been with his mother but he learned a great deal. After completing school, Dorian began training with Sheelan for his testing as a Knight of Mystra. Dorian was the first Ranger to enter the Order and he became its first full-duty scout.

Dorian received gifts from his parents for the completion of his training as a Knight of Mystra. His father's gift was an elven mace, and from his mother came a scimitar of the plains people. Each gift is a symbol of his heritage and commitment to that heritage.

Feeling confined in the city of Silverymoon, Dorian was excited about moving with the Order to the City of Arylon. Dorian remained captivated by the beauty of Silverymoon but the need for wide-open spaces tempted him with solace.

He met with his parents and siblings, and told them of his impending move to Arylon, where the Order would be creating their permanent hold. The family decided to join Dorian in his move but they would live on the fringe of the Fields of the Dead. As a nomadic people, they were used to living off any land they visited. They planned to raise horses and still be near their son.

Dorian has been a member of the order for 5 years and was made third sergeant in 1369. While he enjoys Arylon's smaller population, his true calling is in the wilderness and spends as much time as he can in the Fields of the Dead. It is there he feels most at home. The Field's great expanse of prairie is similar to his homeland in the Shaar and he has set up numerous camps to spend time in away from the city.

His duties include training all members of the Order in riding skills, and the new rangers in outdoors craft; those that are able, are trained in the skill of long running. He works in conjunction with Sheelan in the rudiments of outdoor survival. His specialty is the plains and hers is the woodlands. He spends a great deal of time teaching new recruits to see with more than their eyes. When the Order is in the field or on patrol, Dorian teaches the need to gather as much information about the lay of the land and its inhabitants as possible. They are the eyes and ears of the Order and they must bring back as much information as possible to the field command.

His duties as a priest for the Order are very important. He has been the difference between life and death for some members. Many a time has he come to the aid of the fallen. When on patrol, he holds religious services for the patrol members. Dorian has great respect for everyone in the Order and they, in turn, respect Dorian for his deep commitment to the Order and Mystra.

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