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Name of building: Djurak's Hair Salon

Submitted by: Christof Wuttke (

Type of building: Two story stone building

Business conducted in the building: Hair salon

Owner: Djurak the half-orc

Number and Types of employees:
1 apprentice coiffeuse, Senala (0-lvl hf), good looking blonde, grew up in Kethryllia Hawksong's orphanage
1 aide, Brion (0-lvl hm), a dull boy

Description of building:

The barber shop is in the street-front room of the ground floor. In the back of the building there's a storeroom, a small eating room and a kitchen. The upper level contains one room each for Senala and Brion and a bedroom and lounge for Djurak. It is reached by open wooden stairs on the back side of the building.

Description of business:

Djurak is an artist in his job. He fulfills the customers' most special wishes concerning their hairdos. Easier customers are handled by Senala. Besides being a center of beauty, the barber shop is also a place for hearing the latest gossip and (not that widely known) for acquiring sensitive information culled from the gossip. Prices begin at 2 silver and are open for negotiation in case of special wishes (concerning both hairdos and information).

The first few weeks after opening no customers came in. One sunny spring day, when he had almost given up, a finely dressed woman (with an awfully big bodyguard) came running into Djurak's shop. She was a rich merchant's wife, and one of her friends had just returned from Baldur's Gate with her hair done in the latest fashion. Now, she needed to get a new hairdo herself, for that night there was an important party. But, she couldn't possibly ask her friend to do it, so she finally had to resort to Djurak's services. She was the star of the evening, and shortly afterwards her friends, both male and female, came to try Djurak's services.

Copyright 1998, Christof Wuttke, All Rights Reserved

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