Name: Djurak (half-orc male, 0-lvl formerly lvl 5 priest of Cyric, TN(E). Hairdresser and owner of Djurak's Hair Salon)

Submitted by: Christof Wuttke (

Djurak is a medium sized, 32 year old, better-than-average looking half-orc (to humans and demi-humans that's still ugly enough). He knows his appearance isn't very appealing to non-goblinoids, yet, being a very vain person, he strives for acceptance in human society. His pride is and always was his long, full, blue-black hair, done in a very stylish manner. Djurak always has a very obliging and courteous manner.

Djurak was born the son of a human father and an orc mother in a Zhentarim-controlled village on the lower Tesh. His father was a guard and fervent follower in the local temple of Cyric. When Djurak was old enough, he too enlisted as a temple guard. The priests noted the young half-orc's impressive abilities and finally made him a priest. Shortly after the end of his early studies he was recruited by the Zhentarim, who used him as a special agent for dealings with goblinoid allies.

Although he is a half-orc, he slowly rose higher in this organization. His last commission, in early 1368 DR, was leading an attempt to take control of High Dale with the help of an orc and a goblin tribe. When his plans and efforts were thwarted by a group of adventurers he fell from grace in the Zhentarim. His superiors ordered him killed, and he hid from assassins for years.

When Djurak fled from the Zhentarim he first sought refuge in his old temple in Teshendale. But the priests accepted him only reluctantly, and he finally fled when one of them betrayed him to the Zhentarim. This was only the first of many disappointments in trying to get help from his church during his flight, so he slowly lost his faith in the church. If it was for this reason or not he never knew, but in time his prayers for spells were more often left unanswered, which finally led to the conclusion that not only his church but also his god had left him.

After a long time of fleeing and hiding he finally managed to cover his tracks from the Zhentarim (or maybe they lost interest). After getting rid of his pursuers, Djurak didn't know what to do. His faith lost and his fighting skills merely average, Djurak needed a new occupation. As he had always been obsessed with his hairdo, his hair being the only thing not ugly by human standards, he slowly developed the idea to make this his new profession. He knew many city people were slaves to the newest fashion, not only in dress but also in hair, and that hair styling was now his only field of expertise. So, Djurak began a new life as a hairdresser in the growing, multicultural city of Arylon. Although his personality has changed quite a bit in the recent years, he still loves intrigues and is by no means a very moral person.

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