Name: Deryn (hm, NG, 1st lvl Dawnbringer of Lathander, House of Dawn)

Submitted by: Tim Haney


Deryn is six months shy of his twentieth birthday. He is tall and thin with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He speaks quietly except when angered. Deryn's parents were simple farmers and members of the temple. When he was 12 years old, they died of sickness. Since Geena had known his parents, she offered to help him manage the farm. She planned to assign a minor priest to work with him until he was old enough to handle the farm alone. He couldn't bear returning to the farm because of the tragedy. He adopted Geena as a mother figure and joined her on her mission to help the poor of the city. The farm is held by the church since he has joined the priesthood. Geena made provisions for him to regain the farm if he should ever have the desire.

Geena has helped him overcome his grief and has taught him caring for others erases much of the pain of the past. She hoped to make him realize how lucky he really is by showing him others who have lost everything. He is very protective of Geena and has gotten into more than one fight when he thought she was being maligned. Geena tries to teach him that fights over words are unimportant. If he has to fight, make sure its for a good reason or his faith, not because of imagined insults. She encourages him to compete in athletic events hoping to channel his hurt and anger over his loss. She doesn't approve of street fighting. However, his temper isn't easily controlled.

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