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Name of Building: Dernik's Well-Loved Goods

Building Submission by: Kimberly Moser

Type of Building: Small two-story, wood building.

Business Conducted: Pawnshop

Owner: Dernik Malgonar

Number and Type of Employees: None

Description of Building:

Dernik's shop is a small, rundown two-story structure near the docks. The building's dimensions are 20' by 30'. Dernik lives above his shop, on the second floor. The only stair to this floor is an old, rickety staircase on the exterior of the building. The shop has a front and a back door. The interior is unorganized and haphazard. It's a wonder anyone can find anything, but Dernik swears he has a "system". (A map is available for this structure by e-mail>)

Description of Business:

Dernik pawns items at 50% of their value and holds them for one month, redeemable for an extra 10%. After the month is over, the price increases to 90% of the item's value. The items are then placed on open sale to anyone who walks in the door.

Dernik's has an ever-changing variety of goods, usually cheap and often damaged. Frequently pawned items are cloaks (in the summer months), damaged tools and a multitude of unwanted trinkets. On rare occassions, some customers discover a rare find or two amidst the horde of goods. Dernik isn't the most scrupulous businessman and is willing to buy and dispose of questionable merchandise of all types. His shop is not a known fence and he is not associated with any guild. He acts as a free agent to any poor sucker that comes into his shop.

Dernik was robbed, once. Since that time he has found a wonderful deterrent system. He sets a large poisonous cobra (see MM for stats) loose in his shop every evening. It cuts down on rats of all types.

Dernik controls the snake with a magical charm, given to him when he purchased the snake through a Calishite rare goods dealer in Baldur's Gate. The dealer also taught Dernik how to train the snake. The cobra can be recalled by the same charm.

Dernik Malgonar (HM, CN, 0-Level Shopkeeper)

Dernik Malgonar is a large man, 6'4", 268 pounds. He is 38 years old and has lived in Arylon his entire life. Dernik was orphaned at age 10 when his parents did not return home. He spent the next six years struggling for survival. He worked the docks and helped load and unload the barges that slowly wound their way to and from Arylon. Then one day his fortune changed, or so he thought.

Dernik met a suave elderly gentleman. This gentleman, Robert Fednick, invited Dernik to travel to Baldur's Gate with him. In return for his protection, Robert would pay Dernik 100GP. Dernik readily agreed, and left town with the gentleman that evening. The trip to Baldur's Gate was relatively uneventful and Robert paid Dernik the promised money . When Dernik prepared to return home, Robert asked him if he would perform one more small favor and deliver a package to Gordon Carbuncle, back in Arylon. Robert promised that Dernik would be set for life if he agreed.

Dernik didn't see much harm in delivering the package. After all, Robert was his friend, and why would Robert want to harm anyone? So, Dernik took the package back to Arylon. The morning after his return, Dernik delivered the package. That afternoon, there was a large explosion from a local alchemist's shop. That evening a chest was delivered to Dernik by a young man.

Dernik was afraid to open the chest after what had happened to Gordon and his shop. Curiosity finally got the better of the young man, and he broke the seal. Inside was a piece of paper and ten 500gp value Lantanese trade bars. Dernik can't read and is afraid someone will link him to the destruction of Carbuncle's shop if the paper is read to him. He keeps the piece of paper for two reasons. First, it may prove invaluable to him at a future time and, second, he has all but forgotten it exists. He exchanged the trade bars and soon after bought his shop. Dernik has now been in business for close to 22 years.

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